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Warren: Trump Wants to ‘Blame People Who Aren’t the Same Color’ to Distract from His Corruption

2020 Democratic presidential candidate Elizabeth Warren told a campaign crowd Wednesday night that President Donald Trump is dividing Americans on purpose to distract from his corruption.

Addressing an audience of several hundred supporters, Warren was asked what she might do to help bring the country together if she were elected president to.

‘Blame THEM’

“Look, Trump has a message,” she replied. “He says if there’s something that’s bad in your life, something that’s not working for you — you’re not making much money, you can’t cover your expenses, you’re worried about your kids — blame them.”

“Blame people who aren’t the same color as you,” Warren continued. “Blame people who don’t sound like you. Blame people who weren’t born where you were born. Blame people who don’t worship like you. Blame them.”

“And that is his message,” the senator insisted “That is it, at heart.”


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“And he thinks if he can stir up people against people, keep people fighting each other enough, then nobody will notice who’s actually picking their pockets,” Warren said of President Trump. “And that the folks at the top are just getting richer and richer and richer, just scraping more and more of the wealth for themselves.”

“Here’s how I believe you heal the divide: you actually deliver on your promises,” Warren finished.

What Is Warren Even Talking About?

Warren’s response to the question was confusing in that it is hard to be certain what statements by the President she was referring to. Former Fox News anchor Bill O’Reilly tweeted recently that researching for his upcoming book on Trump, he could not find one example of Trump referring to skin color in a negative way.

“While researching my upcoming book ‘The United States of Trump,’ we could not find one example of the President discussing skin color in a pejorative way or promoting Caucasian dominance,” O’Reilly tweeted.

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Democrats’ 2020 Strategy: Lie About Trump

So what in the world is Warren talking about?

What every other 2020 Democratic presidential hopeful is talking about: Spouting hyperbolic nonsense about this president to make themselves look good to their far-left base.

Whether it’s true or not doesn’t matter. Whether it sounds good is everything.

There’s one party that is hellbent on dividing Americans, and it isn’t Donald Trump’s.