WaPo Op-ed Says Fetterman Has ‘Obligation’ To Release Medical Records, Debate Oz

Washington Post Editorial Says Fetterman Has 'Obligation' To Release Medical Records, Debate Oz
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It’s one of those rare moments where Republicans might say they actually agree with a Washington Post editorial.

On Monday, the capital city’s newspaper of record published a scathing op-ed calling for Democrat Pennsylvania Senate candidate John Fetterman to not only release his medical records, but also schedule at least one debate with his Republican opponent Dr. Mehmet Oz before early voting begins next week.

Fetterman had a stroke in May, and in recent days, even mainstream news outlets are beginning to question his health.

All eyes are on the crucial Senate race in Pennsylvania, one of many that is a must-win for Republicans. A Real Clear Politics average poll at the end of August had Fetterman up by 6.5 points.

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Obligated To Be Transparent

The editorial contends that Fetterman has an obligation to the voters of Pennsylvania to be transparent about his condition, and to hear him debate Oz on the issues that effect them.

“After suffering a stroke in May, Mr. Fetterman was off the campaign trail for three months and has campaigned little since then; he held a rally Sunday. Mr. Oz has pressed for five debates, but Mr. Fetterman dodged and ducked before tentatively agreeing last week to one but not until ‘sometime in the middle to end of October.’”

If Fetterman and Oz did not debate until October, early voting would already be under way. 

The editorial also explains some of the difficulties Fetterman has faced while he has been campaigning, but presses him to answer some questions about his health and why he seems reluctant to schedule any debates.

“Mr. Fetterman acknowledges his difficulties with auditory processing, which make it hard for him to respond quickly to what he’s hearing. He receives speech therapy — and we wish him a speedy, full recovery — but the lingering, unanswered questions about his health, underscored by his hesitation to debate, are unsettling.”

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Campaign Hid Facts

The Fetterman campaign has not exactly been forthcoming about the candidate’s medical condition. As noted by WaPo:

“The Fetterman campaign squandered credibility by concealing from the public for two days after his stroke that he had been hospitalized. It waited weeks longer to reveal a more complete picture of his medical history, including that he had been diagnosed in 2017 with cardiomyopathy.”

The Op-Ed also argues that they are not just picking on John Fetterman. They have called for others, including former President Donald Trump and President Joe Biden, to also release medical records. 

At the conclusion of the editorial, there is yet another call for a debate between Fetterman and Oz before any votes are cast. But before anyone thinks the Washington Post let Dr. Oz off scot free, think again.

The editorial made sure to take at least one swipe at Oz saying that he had, “not exactly conducted himself with glory.” At one point, an offer by Oz to have doctors on hand if needed so Fetterman could debate in September, the Washington Post called, “sophomoric and unseemly.”

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Fetterman’s Radical Record

It’s hard to believe that a majority of Pennsylvanians would be OK with most of John Fetterman’s stances on issues. He supported Bernie Sanders’ 2016 presidential run. He supports a $15 minimum wage, socialized medicine, and grandiose “climate change” schemes.

He supports drug legalization, needle exchange programs, and safe injection sites for heroin users. His soft-on-crime views don’t just stop there. According to Fox News Digital, they have found at three different occasions where Fetterman said he supported reducing the prison population by one-third.

The conclusion of the editorial also states that, “Both candidates have something to prove to voters, and there is no better forum than a debate.” But with those kinds of views, maybe it is pretty obvious why John Fetterman is debate shy.

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