Vivek Ramaswamy Exposes How U.S. Foreign Policy Isn’t About Principle – It’s For Sale

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When Russia invaded Ukraine, the United States wasted no time in putting the war front in center on every news station. The media machine was eager to tell the tales of heroism coming from President Volodymyr Zelensky, who famously turned down a ride from the West, asking instead for bullets.

Turned into a celebrity of Bono-level proportion, President Zelensky, for a time, had the unwavering attention and adoration of the world, with politicians donning their Ukrainian flag pins with pride. Fast forward to today, and now the outrage and outpouring of support is for Israel, as politicians eagerly recount the horrors of the October 7th Hamas attack and push for uninterrupted military and financial support for Israel’s war against Hamas.

All this done under the guise of “international norms” and “rule-based order” and so on and so forth.

Nobody likes to grapple with the truth that our foreign policy and aid have nothing to do with actual outrage but everything to do with what has always made the world go round – cash money.

And that’s probably why you had no idea that Christians in Armenia were being ethnically cleansed.

That’s outrageous!

In an interview with Tucker Carlson, GOP presidential candidate and political outsider Vivek Ramaswamy put both Democrats and Republicans in their place, calling out their collective foreign policy hypocrisy. Mr. Ramaswamy took the time to blast both parties for what he called “selective moral outrage” about war and terrorism around the globe.

Mr. Ramaswamy said:

“The selective nature of ignoring certain other conflicts – even more importantly, ignoring the interests of the U.S. right here at home – is what irritates the heck out of me.”

The other conflicts Vivek is referring to could be damn near any country in Africa, let alone a fair amount in Eastern Asia, but he uses a particular conflict happening in the often-forgotten strip of land between Eastern Europe and the Middle East. Not sure which conflict Mr. Ramaswamy might be touching on?

If you’re a Christian, you should.

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Alas, many haven’t, given this next point he brought up:

“You only hear about foreign conflicts in certain selective cases that the media and the existing establishment and both parties deem fit for the American public.”

Allow me to shine a light on the little-known ethnic cleansing happening right now that the Swamp doesn’t want you to know or care about.

Where’s their flag pin?

In September, Azerbaijan invaded the autonomous Republic of Artsakh near Armenia. The invasion happened after months of Azerbaijan blocking food and medicine to the region, effectively attempting to starve and kill the natives before driving them out.

The Republic of Artsakh is a region within Azerbaijan that has enjoyed autonomy for centuries. The area called the Nagorno-Karabakh territory is the centuries-old homeland of the once-local Armenian Christian population that resided there until driven out by the predominantly Muslim Azerbaijan government.

Over 100,000 Armenians have fled their homes, many of which have been destroyed, and there are reports that the Azerbaijan army has killed up to 400 Armenian civilians. How is it that this atrocity hasn’t received the same level of D.C. outrage and calls for endless aid and support?

How often do we tell ourselves we are a Christian nation?

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The United States has been aiding the bad guys for over two decades. The U.S. provided military aid to Azerbaijan since 2001, and only after the recent genocide has the United States flirted with the idea of ceasing that aid.

Azerbaijan sits as a critical pawn in the chessboard that is the international community, situated as a strategic blockade to Iran if necessary, and a supplier of European fuel thanks to gas pipelines built with the aid of the West. The fuel pumping through those pipelines into Europe is thanks to American companies who led the projects to build the infrastructure from Azerbaijan.

History lessons

Vivek told Tucker that our political elite’s selective outrage is “shameful,” adding that he thinks there are:

“…financial and corrupting influences that lead them to speak the way they do, that’s just the hard truth.”

It is politically inconvenient to blast Azerbaijan too forcefully for what they’ve done to Armenian Christians, and it is financially risky to do so as well, given Azerbaijan’s impressive lobby machine in D.C. fueled by…fuel. However, this little nugget from the former International Criminal Court prosecutor Luis Ocampo touches on another reason condemning Azerbaijan isn’t something the American political machine is willing to do:

“Azerbaijan is an ally with the West against Iran; it provides energy to Europe and it spends millions on sophisticated Israeli weapons.”

Therein lies the other complication, an interwoven threesome of support with Israel. Mr. Ocampo goes on to say:

“…such exigencies must not get in the way of the world’s responsibility to stop what is happening before its very eyes: the Armenian genocide of 2023.”

But of course, it will, as other genocides and horrors have been allowed to go unanswered throughout history due to the benefit of those most powerful bottom lines. President Biden said on the need to back Israel and Ukraine:

“History has taught us that when terrorists and dictators don’t pay a price, they cause more death and destruction.”

What will history teach us about Azerbaijan? Will Azerbaijan encroach more into Armenia proper, inflicting more death and destruction?

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Adviser to the Artsakh President Samvel Shahramanyan, David Babayan said:

“Those responsible for our fate will one day have to answer before God for their sins.”

Let’s hope the political elite in the West who continue to claim moral superiority while sacrificing others do answer before God because they sure aren’t answering for it in this lifetime.

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