Lectures on how to safely handle classified information for thee, but not for she.

That is the takeaway from a recently surfaced video in which former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is seen lecturing department employees on the “responsibility we all share as Americans” to “guard ourselves and our sensitive information.”

It is, quite possibly, the most insane display of hypocrisy you’ll ever see from an American politician.

Take a look …

This is especially rich on two fronts – Clinton’s obvious email scandal in which she intentionally (Comey take note) hid department emails from FOIA investigations on a highly vulnerable, private server in her bathroom, and with recent news of top Democrat entities being rather easily hacked into (DNC, Podesta, etc).

Via Grabien:

In 2010, at the same time then-Secretary of State Hillary Clinton was using an unsecured private email server, she also filmed a video lecturing State Department subordinates on the importance of cybersecurity.

“I think this is a responsibility we all share as Americans, but as State Department employees we have a special duty to guard ourselves and our sensitive information,” Clinton said in the video uncovered for the first time Friday by CBS News. “Potential hackers use all kinds of strategies to exploit cyber vulnerabilities and to penetrate the department’s systems.”

CBS notes that the video is “ironic” not just because of the private email server angle, but because the Clinton campaign was just recently the victim of a massive hack. Clinton campaign chairman John Podesta reportedly fell for a fairly simple hacker’s trick, clicking on a “phishing” email made to look like it came from Google and filling in his personal information.

For his part, Podesta may want to consider viewing the cybersecurity video from his boss. He didn’t do a very good job of guarding campaign information from potential hackers, and it didn’t require the “use (of) all kinds of strategies to exploit cyber vulnerabilities.”

It required a third-grade level of intelligence.

The questions remain – Why hasn’t Hillary and her minions followed her own advice on handling sensitive information?

Can she really be trusted with protecting the nation’s classified and secret information as President?

Comment: Will Hillary be able to keep classified information out of the hands of our enemies if she is elected President? Share your thoughts below.

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