Two Thugs Found out What Happens When You Attack a Pregnant Woman in Front of a Veteran



A disabled veteran is being hailed for his bravery in rescuing a pregnant woman who was being attacked, then shooting the thugs who turned on him for stepping in:

Joshua Anderson stepped in during a fight between the men Tuesday night at a beach pier in Port St. Lucie, located along Florida’s Atlantic coast. During the altercation, one of the men, later identified as Brett Jowers, allegedly pushed the pregnant girlfriend of the second man, Zachery Sly, to the ground, NBC affiliate WPTV reported.

Anderson, 29, “saw a woman being attacked at night, and he went to her aid,” Martin County Sheriff William Snyder said at a news conference. “In my opinion, I think he did the right thing.”

Anderson warned the men to back off, but when they threatened to jump on him, he shot each of them in the torso, Snyder added. “You don’t have an obligation to allow yourself to be attacked,” the sheriff said.

Kudos to the sheriff for immediately clearing this heroic vet of any charges.

Watch the news report, with 911 call, below:

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