Tucker Carlson Vows to Release ‘Hidden’ January 6th Footage: ‘They Are Lying’

Tucker Carlson hidden January 6th video
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Fox News host Tucker Carlson warned Washington that he is prepared to release some of the “hidden” footage from the January 6th, 2021 riot at the Capitol as early as next week.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy gave Carlson exclusive access to over 41,000 hours of Capitol surveillance footage from the riot, leaving Democrat lawmakers and media personalities apoplectic in recent weeks.

“The defenders of democracy are defending democracy again,” he told his audience Thursday night. “They’re telling you it’s really, really dangerous.”

Carlson explained that the thousands of hours of surveillance footage from January 6th “has been hidden from the public for two years” while a “tiny group of people gets to make up stories about what happened that day and change the country on the basis of those stories.”

The Fox News host cited a Rasmussen poll that indicates 80% of likely voters think it’s important the public see videos that had previously remained hidden.

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Tucker Carlson: The January 6th Videos Are Coming

With the public clamoring for the information, Carlson vowed that release of the videos is coming. And it’s coming rather soon.

“So you’re defending democracy, but you’re denying people information on the basis of which they can make their own decisions,” he said.

“How does that work exactly?” Carlson continued. “Well, it’s not democracy, of course. It’s building a bulwark against your lies being revealed. And they are lying. And we know that because we’ve been looking at the tape.”

“We’re going to bring you information on the tape and some of it next week,” he said. “And we think it’s going to be really, really interesting.”

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Did the Feds Provoke the Riot

One can only speculate what Tucker Carlson and his crew have found in the unreleased January 6th footage.

That’s because the highly partisan select committee of circus clowns presumably released only video that helped push their pre-conceived narrative that Donald Trump was responsible for the near collapse of democracy to the public.

The committee’s final report focused exclusively on that aspect, with sources discussing matters with NBC News several weeks ago accusing them of intentionally concealing security flaws.

The same Rasmussen poll Carlson cited shows 61% of respondents believe it is likely “that undercover government agents helped provoke the Capitol riot.”

NBC News previously reported on an informant who warned the FBI weeks in advance that January 6th posed a “big” threat of violence, but who was ultimately ignored.

And the FBI did nothing.

Not only did the FBI have information weeks in advance, but they allegedly had numerous informants in the crowd that day and still didn’t prevent the riot from getting out of hand.

Reports of FBI Informants in January 6th Crowd

Court documents examined by the New York Times show the FBI had as many as eight informants embedded with the “Proud Boys” group in the months leading up to the Capitol riot.

Prior to that, the Times publicized that the FBI had another well-placed informant within the Oath Keepers, another group that allegedly took part in the protest.

FBI Director Christopher Wray, when confronted on the possibility of the FBI being embedded in the crowd on January 6th, refused to offer a denial.

Wray instead said he had to “be very careful” about answering questions on whether the bureau had informants dressed as Trump supporters in the crowd.

Will the videos made public by Tucker Carlson next week and in the weeks going forward show evidence of these informants’ actions? Will it show, as the poll indicates, that the feds helped instigate the day’s events?

We’ll certainly be watching next week. Will you?

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