The Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra reports that Fox News host Tucker Carlson had more viewers than the entirety of CNN’s nighttime programming.

In other words, Tucker beat EVERYONE.

Carlson Clobbers

This is not good news for CNN, who have targeted Carlson specifically and repeatedly, including demonizing the host to such an extent that far-left protesters showed up outside his home. CNN has even taken part in efforts to target advertisers, attempting to get them to no longer advertise on Carlson’s program due to his conservative beliefs.

But despite all that… last week CNN’s primetime lineup averaged 2.474 million viewers.

Tucker Carlson – ALL BY HIMSELF? 3.475 million viewers.

Breitbart has compiled the Nielsen breakdown:

Anderson Cooper: 810,000 viewers

Chris Cuomo: 875,000 viewers

Don Lemon: 789,000 viewers

CNN Did It to Themselves

So Carlson not only beat all of these hosts but surpassed them by a million viewers. Not too shabby.

“Although the numbers aren’t yet available, my guess is that you could easily add Jake Tapper’s weekly average and/or Erin Burnett’s weekly average, and Carlson still comes out on top — or close enough for bragging rights,” notes Breitbart’s John Nolte. “Carlson usually humiliates CNN, as does MSNBC, but last week was a turning point for the anti-Trump network that went all in pushing the Russia Collusion Hoax.”

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No doubt CNN looking like fools after the Mueller report revealed there was no collusion between President Trump and Russia has hurt the cable news outlets.

“CNN was certain Mueller would come through with some ginned-up allegation against the president,” Nolte writes. “And so, for two whole years, CNN baited its viewers with this nonsense, and when Mueller failed to come up with the goods, those viewers fled in droves. MSNBC is having the same problem, but nowhere near the bottoming out CNN faces.”

CNN invested so heavily in the fake Russian collusion story, constantly treating it as their top or “breaking” news, that of course viewers would now perceive the channel as being less than credible, if not downright absurd.

The lesson for CNN? When you concentrate on being more of a propaganda arm for the Democratic party than a reliable news source, don’t be surprised when your viewers stop taking you seriously.

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