Tucker Carlson Blasts Politicians For Pushing Hot War With Russia

Tucker Carlson Asks ‘How Does Intervening In Ukraine Help The Core Interests Of The United States?’

On Tuesday, Fox News’ Tucker Carlson asked an important question: “The only question that matters, the only question, is how does intervening in Ukraine help the core interests of the United States? And, of course, that is the one question no one in Washington is asking.”

Carlson posed this question on his Fox News program “Tucker Carlson Tonight” during a time when the Washington establishment is talking about potentially going to war with Russia over that country’s border dispute with Ukraine.

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Carlson: ‘There were no pointless wars under Donald Trump. That is not a small thing in recent American history’

Republican Sen. Joni Ernst told reporters recently regarding Russia-Ukraine that Biden needed “to say to Vladimir Putin that we are no longer going to allow you to continue with the Nord Stream 2 pipeline. We need you to know and understand that we will defend Ukraine, we will provide them assistance.”

“He needs to make that very clear,” Ernst claimed.

Carlson disagreed, to put it mildly.

Carlson said that Ernst is “a totally affable, nice Republican, sort of reasonable on most things, from the Midwest, suddenly sounding like a blood-thirsty warmonger; sounding a lot like actually Adam Schiff when she talks about that dastardly Vladimir Putin.”

“So what happens if we don’t defend Ukraine, Joni Ernst?” Carlson asked. “Will kids in Des Moines grow up to speak Russian? No one asked her that question.”

Carlson added, “She’s never thought about it for a moment. But all this reading from the same talking points — Adam Schiff to Roger Wicker to Joni Ernst. It turns out that foreign lobbying campaigns work pretty well. And that’s why the Ukrainians paid for one in Washington.”

Carlson noted that wars seemingly detached from American interests did not occur under former President Donald Trump.

“So say what you will about Donald Trump and his Twitter account, maybe you liked him, maybe you were appalled by his personal style,” Carlson said. “But in retrospect, if there’s one thing that Donald Trump deserves eternal credit for is keeping idiots like that in their box for four years.”

“There were no pointless wars under Donald Trump, Carlson noted. “That is not a small thing in recent American history.”

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Washington Hated Trump For His Peace Stance

Carlson continued, “In fact, it’s rarely happened over the past century. But through unwavering determination for which he’s not gotten credit — and if there’s one thing he deserves credit for, it’s this — Donald Trump pulled that off.”

“He resisted again and again when members of Congress, guys from Raytheon, when all the interested parties pushed him to go to war here, there and everywhere, Donald Trump resisted that,” Carlson reminded his viewers.

“And in Washington, above all, they hated him for that,” Carlson added.


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