While liberals were freaking out over President Trump not waving to the media before departing the White House on Air Force One, the president has more important thing to do. On Wednesday, he left the White House, without telling the liberal media, to travel to Dover AFB and honor a fallen Navy Seal.

People on Twitter and social media are furious that President Donald J. Trump didn’t wave to reporters as he boarded Air Force One this afternoon. This is supposedly his first flight since becoming President, and was on his way to the 2017 GOP retreat to address Republican office holders.

Apparently, he was supposed to wave at the media, but declined. And now liberals are losing their minds over it.

Watch it happen here (below):

Trump-haters and members of the liberal, establishment media immediately went on Twitter to complain. Hilarious!

This is fantastic! Trump is willing to break traditions, and didn’t come to Washington, D.C. to make friends with the establishment. The press hasn’t treated Trump with respect, and this response is well-earned.

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