Trump Vows: ‘We Are Going To Drain That Damn Swamp’

trump drain the swamp
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By Dr. Derek Ellerman

On Friday, at the Save America Rally in Wilmington, North Carolina, former President Donald Trump made a vow that sounds like the clearest indication yet that he plans to run for the nation’s top office in 2024. 

As has come to be expected, the crowd was wall-to-wall supporters, many donning red MAGA hats or carrying signs, and they were fired up to hear the 45th President. 

While the rally was ostensibly held to support North Carolina Republicans in the run up to 2022 midterm elections, Trump dropped another hint that he plans to run for the White House again in 2024. 

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Trump Vows To Drain The Swamp

After hyping up the crowd to support Rep. Ted Budd’s candidacy for the U.S. Senate, Trump switched focus a bit. 

“This election is a referendum on Biden, Pelosi, Schumer, the radical Left Democrat Congress that’s destroying our country, that’s brought our country really to the brink of ruin – you know what’s happening,” Trump railed. 

He went after the inflation crisis engulfing the country, eliciting boos from the crowd. 

But it was one section of his speech that has people talking – and might be the clearest indication yet that Trump plans to run again in 2024. 

“This November, the American people are going to show this repulsive political class exactly what we think of their lies, their witch hunts, and the corruption, by voting in overwhelming numbers to throw them the hell out of office – starting with this disgusting human being, Letitia Peekaboo James,” referring to the Democrat New York Attorney General. 

“We are going to drain the swamp, we are going to save our country, we are going to drain that damn swamp. And I tell you, I did a hell of a job, but that sucker is deep. That’s deep. They’re bad people.”

It could just be a rhetorical flash, but the emphasis on the swamp and use of “we” could be Trump’s way of saying he’s ready to take on the lead role again.


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Trump 2024? 

It’s not just the GOP that has a big open question for 2024. While President Joe Biden has repeatedly said he “intends” to run for re-election in 2024, not everyone is convinced. 

Take the case of California Governor Gavin Newsom, who has made waves recently by traveling to the White House and attacking Republican Florida Governor Ron DeSantis, a potential 2024 contender and almost certainly a future 2028 contender. 

Last week, reports had Newsom insiders predicting he would “unequivocally” run for President if Joe Biden bows out. Just yesterday, Newsom denied it entirely, citing his close recall election last year, but that could just be a case of not upsetting Biden.

But the Democrats don’t exactly have a deep bench – and unforced errors by the Democrats aren’t helping their case. 

A recent Harvard poll shows that President Biden’s repeated attacks on Republicans – calling them a “threat to democracy” – has backfired: more Americans are concerned about the “socialist Left” than “MAGA Republicans.” 

Worse, Biden is underwater in approval on nearly all the top issues. 

And Democrats may need to tap a lesser-known nominee if they hope to win the White House. The same Harvard poll has Trump defeating both Joe Biden and VP Kamala Harris in hypothetical 2024 matchups. 

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Drain The Swamp

The Political Insider recently interviewed former federal agent Gary Collins, who served with the State Department Diplomatic Security Service, Department of Health and Human Services, and Food and Drug Administration. 

Not necessarily a Trump fan, Collins told The Political Insider’s Brett Smith that Trump’s biggest mistake during his Presidency was his failure to drain the swamp. 

“I said when he first got elected, I was talking to friends, If he doesn’t walk in there and hand out at least two to three thousand pink slips immediately, he’s in trouble,” said Collins.

And so it goes. During the Trump administration, we saw unprecedented, ceaseless leaks and backbiting from permanent bureaucrats who were set on hampering the America First agenda. 

If Trump does run – and win – in 2024, there is surely no more important agenda item.


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