There’s no question that liberals are doing everything possible to discredit President Trump’s young administration. Hell, most of them didn’t even wait for the President to be sworn in!

There is Anti-Trump Derangement Syndrome, in which depressed liberal Hillary Clinton voters reflexively oppose anything Trump says, for any reason. This hilarious cartoon explains it perfectly!

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Why did Trump win? Largely because of a reaction to the shameful outcome of years of liberal policies and political correctness. Can you believe that liberals even found something wrong with the classic Christmas song, “Baby, It’s Cold Outside?”

This is why Trump won:

“Hoping you get home safe!”

“Baby, It’s Cold Outside”, that 1944 holiday classic that plays everywhere from shopping malls to holiday parties even though it lacks the present-day awareness of the issue of sexual pressure, just got an update.

Since its debut, the original song has been a holiday mainstay but in recent years, its sexually aggressive overtones (short synopsis of the track’s narrative: a woman wants to leave and clearly states that, multiple times, but the man insists that she stay throughout) have dated the catchy tune. So it was fitting that a recent feminist revision of the song cut out the sexual pressuring hilariously left the song very, very brief.

However, musicians Lydia Liza and Josiah Lemanski are changing the narrative by remixing the entire song with humorous, but on point lyrics that emphasize consent as well as mutual respect between the two parties. Alternatives to the infamous, “But baby, it’s cold outside” line include “Baby, I’m fine with that,” “You reserve the right to say ‘no’” and “Hoping you get home safe.”

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