President Trump probably thought he was posting something humorous this past weekend. A little light-hearted effort to help defray the heavy news of natural disasters, terror in London, or the latest threats coming out of North Korea.

Or maybe he really did know that a funny gif depicting him hitting a golf ball at his former opponent, Hillary Clinton, was going to send liberals into a full-blown panic attack.

Regardless, the gif and the reaction were both equally hilarious.

The video begins by showing Trump drive a golf ball, then cuts to an actual video of Clinton tripping as she boards a plane to Yemen as Secretary of State. The creator of the viral video doctored it to look as if Trump’s drive launched the ball into Clinton’s back, causing her to fall.

The President thought it was pretty funny, so he retweeted it.


You gotta admit, that’s funny right there.

Below is the actual footage of Clinton stumbling as she tried to board the plane in 2011 …


Note that CNN in the above video was perfectly content with drawing humor from Clinton’s fall, and the various falls of other presidents.

When Trump makes light of something, however, liberals go apoplectic.

Author Stephen King said it suggests Trump has “a severely f***ed up mind.”


There was more outrage …


The Chicago Tribune called for the President to earn a rebuke, saying “Every woman in Congress should refuse to work with President Donald Trump until he apologizes for retweeting a gif that shows him hitting Hillary Clinton in the back with a golf ball.”


Even CNN, who mocked Clinton’s trip in the video above, criticized Trump.

“The tweet revealed a President still reverting to his old social media habits, namely, those likely to earn him quick criticism,” they reported.

Or it might just make people laugh. Nobody really believes the obviously doctored gif shows an assault on Hillary. The fake moral outrage from the left will only continue to endear Trump to his supporters who look at him as ‘one of us.’

What did you think of the gif – funny or in bad taste? Share your thoughts below!