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Trump ‘Doesn’t Give a D*mn’ How Long it Takes to Get Wall Funding

As attempted negotiations between President Donald Trump and Democratic leaders Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer continue over a border wall on the U.S.-Mexico border, the federal government remains in a partial shutdown.

This showdown got even more heated on Wednesday, when Trump asked Pelosi in the Situation Room if he re-opened the government, would she agree to negotiations?

“No,” Pelosi said.

“Bye bye,” Trump retorted, throwing up his hands in frustration.

But as another example of how fed-up the President is with Democratic leadership, a source close to Trump reportedly told The Daily Caller that “he doesn’t give a d*mn” about the negative effects of the shutdown because the wall is too important to America’s national security.

“What part of when he said ‘as long as it takes’ was not clear,” the source said.

The Daily Caller reports: “This source close to Trump also said the president is evaluating the effects on federal workers and the government writ large in the context that it is likely his last possible chance to deliver on a signature campaign promise and end a bonafide crisis on the southern border.”

Trump has also raised the prospect of declaring a national emergency, telling Sean Hannity on Fox News Thursday, “now if we don’t make a deal with Congress most likely I will do [declare an emergency]. I would actually say I would I can’t imagine any reason why not because I’m allowed to do it. The law is 100 percent on my side.”

“Trump has floated the idea in recent days that he may declare a national emergency at the southern border under his authority as commander in chief, which would then authorize him to begin construction on the wall with military funds,” The Daily Caller notes.

What happens from here is anyone’s guess. However, you can’t blame Trump for being angry that the Democratic House leader refuses to even discuss negotiating a border wall, even if the President re-opened the government.

It’s also interesting that many prominent Democrats are beginning to break ranks with Pelosi and Schumer, saying they support a wall or barrier.

Maybe President Trump’s hardball tactics are working, despite Nancy Pelosi’s stubbornness.