Trump Slashes Liberal Majority in Ninth Circuit Court

President Trump has now appointed nine members to the Ninth Circuit Court, slashing the majority of Democrat-appointed judges down to just three.

Ninth Circuit Brought “Closer to Balance”

The majority of liberal judges on the Ninth Circuit Court was 11 at the start of Trump’s presidency, so this is a dramatic change. The Ninth Circuit is known as the most leftist circuit court in the country. Thomas Sowell, the black conservative intellectual, joked in 2003 that “one of these days, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals may declare the Constitution unconstitutional.” They have blocked President Trump’s “travel ban” at least three times, and enforce their will on 20% of the American population – something that caused Congress to consider splitting them up back in 2017.

With the recently confirmed appointments of Lawrence VanDyke and Patrick Bumatay, it looks like the reign of leftist domination over the court is coming to end. Senator Chuck Grassley tweeted that the court is being brought “closer to balance,” and Katie Glenn, the government affairs counsel for Americans United for Life, said that “forum shopping will be less attractive now that you have a basically balanced bench as far as Republican or Democratic nominees.” The so-called “forum shopping” phenomenon is when leftist activists search around for courts that are the most liberal-leaning to hear their “cases,” so therefore have the best chance of agreeing with them.

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Taking Back the Courts

Luckily for conservatives, President Trump is not only affecting change on the west coast, but across the leftist and constitution-hating judicial system. In the space of only three years, he has appointed 48 judges in the courts of appeals across the country, compared to the 55 that Obama managed during his presidency – at this stage, he had only managed to appoint 24. These are often more important than the judges who sit on the Supreme Court, in terms of the amount of cases they hear that will never come close to reaching the highest court in the land.

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President Trump’s agenda of draining the swamp absolutely applies to the courts. It’s one piece of the swamp that is practically entirely under his control. We may not be able to kick out some of the swamp creatures in Congress, who hold the reigns of power, but the judicial system is getting the clear-out that it so desperately needs. This will likely be President Trump’s most long-lasting legacy. The judges he appoints will most likely be in their seats for years to come. Plus, with the trend of congressional gridlock only increasing, many more decisions will likely be decided in the courts. Now is the time to stack them full of people who actually understand the constitution and the heritage of this country. Even after he leaves office, the President will keep on winning!

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