Trump Slams Biden’s Escalation, Sending Tanks to Ukraine: Warns Next ‘Come the Nukes’

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Donald Trump slammed the decision by President Biden to send 31 Abrams M1 tanks to Ukraine, suggesting it is an unnecessary escalation toward nuclear war with Russia.

Biden announced the decision to send the tanks Wednesday while boasting of America’s military equipment as being “the most capable tanks in the world.”

“Today’s announcement builds on the hard work and commitment from countries around the world, led by the United States of America, to help Ukraine defend its sovereignty and its territorial integrity,” he told reporters.

Biden insisted that the move to send tanks to Ukraine does “not” constitute “an offensive threat to Russia.”

The decision, which the New York Times describes as a “reluctant” one, follows pressure from Germany for the United States to send tanks of their own. Germany announced they’d be sending Leopard 2 tanks to Ukraine as well.

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Trump Warns Against Escalation

Former President Trump slammed the news that the US had agreed to send tanks to Ukraine, suggesting it is a natural progression toward a nuclear conflict.

“FIRST COME THE TANKS, THEN COME THE NUKES,” he wrote on his Truth Social media platform.

Trump then suggested he would be able to mediate peace in the region because it is a simple process.

“Get this crazy war ended, NOW,” he added. “So easy to do!”

Trump made similar comments offering to negotiate a peace deal between Ukraine and Russia back in September, after numerous reckless comments from public figures blaming Vladimir Putin for blowing up the Nord Stream pipeline. 

The Washington Post reported last month that there was “no conclusive evidence” Russia was behind the attack.

Trump at the time urged leaders to remain “cool, calm, and dry” in their response to the evidence-less claims about the Nord Stream pipelines.

After noting the Russia-Ukraine war and the pipeline crisis would “definitely not have happened if I were President,” Trump urged peace talks to begin.

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World War?

The tables have most certainly turned, it seems. Everywhere you look, Donald Trump is seeking to or has been negotiating peace deals while Biden has been escalating matters in Ukraine.

Trump, who the media has consistently warned would lead us to nuclear war, talks peace, while the current President continues to make matters worse.

Want proof?

Within hours of receiving news that Biden was sending tanks, America’s most notorious corner street beggar Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelenskyy and his government officials were angling for fighter jets too.

“Conversations with more than half a dozen Western military officials and diplomats confirm an internal debate about supplying Ukraine with jet fighters is already underway, pushed by Ukrainian officials with support from hawkish Baltic states,” Politico reports.

Hand the guy $40 billion, and he demands $55 billion. Hand the guy $55 billion, and he demands missiles. Hand the guy missiles, and he demands tanks. Hand the guy tanks, he demands jets. Will it ever end? Give a mouse a cookie…

But hey, this time the Biden administration is definitely drawing a red line. As Politico reports, they are firmly against sending fighter jets to Ukraine with a diplomat stating it is a “no-go, for the moment.”

For the moment.

Does anybody believe they’ll stick to that?

Russia meanwhile, has reacted to news of the tanks shipment as you might expect – or as American would if Warsaw Pact tanks were knocking at our border – declaring it an escalatory maneuver.

But more than that, they view it as direct involvement; making NATO a direct combatant.

“We categorically disagree with this, and in Moscow, everything that the alliance and the capitals I mentioned are doing is seen as direct involvement in the conflict,” said Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov. “We see that this is growing.”

Apart from that, do you know who else suggested sending tanks to Ukraine would lead to an all-out war for America? President Biden.

“The idea that we’re going to send in offensive equipment and have planes and tanks and trains going in with American pilots and American crews, just understand — and don’t kid yourself, no matter what you all say — that’s called ‘World War Three,'” he told reporters.

Biden on Wednesday said, “We’ll begin to train the Ukrainian troops on these issues of sustainment, logistics, and maintenance as soon as possible.”

Unless they plan on using Zoom meetings, that means American crews will be helping them out too. Tanks + American Crews = World War III according to the President.

Trump has set himself apart not just from his likely Democrat opponent in 2024, but also from his GOP rivals who have been thus far unwilling to call out Biden for accelerating the United States toward war.

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Trump launched his presidential campaign in November and warned that the Biden administration then was leading America to the “brink of nuclear war.”

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