Over the weekend, there has been endless hysteria by the liberal media about President Donald Trump’s Executive Order limiting immigration from certain countries which have ties to terror. Incorrectly referred to by the biased media as a “Muslim ban,” it’s simply limiting immigration from countries chosen by Barack Obama and Congress as a security threat.

In 2015, Congress passed – and Barack Obama signed – the Visa Waiver Program Improvement and Terrorist Travel Prevention Act, listing the countries affected by President Trump’s Executive Order.

Nowhere does this ban mention “Muslims.”

The order makes a reasonable requirement that refugees must be delayed entry by 120 days while this vetting process improves. It also caps refugee admissions to 50,000 per year, roughly the number that entered America during a typical year of President George W. Bush’s administration.

Yesterday, hundreds of thousands of people from other nations traveled into the United States. But there is a real threat that some individuals posing as refugees have links to terrorism, which is why they cannot be allowed into the country without proper vetting.

This hardly looks like a “ban” at all, and the numbers speak for themselves:

In 2002, the United States admitted only 27,131 refugees. It admitted fewer than 50,000 in 2003, 2006, and 2007. As for President Obama, he was slightly more generous than President Bush, but his refugee cap from 2013 to 2015 was a mere 70,000, and in 2011 and 2012 he admitted barely more than 50,000 refugees himself. The bottom line is that Trump is improving security screening and intends to admit refugees at close to the average rate of the 15 years before Obama’s dramatic expansion in 2016. Obama’s expansion was a departure from recent norms, not Trump’s contraction.

But throughout this process, liberals have claimed that Trump wouldn’t be able to work with foreign leaders. Apparently, his tough Tweets aren’t diplomatic. They must have forgotten that President Obama, who spent years as a “community organizer,” had no foreign policy experience.

But guess what? President Trump has already worked out a deal with a key leader in the Middle East. This is a big deal!

The King of Saudi Arabia and the Crown Prince of Abu Dhabi agreed with President Donald Trump’s request to support safe zones for refugees in the Middle East, the White House announced Sunday.

A White House readout of the call between President Trump and Saudi Arabian King Salman bin Abd Al-Aziz Al Saud said that the King agreed to “support safe zones in Syria and Yemen, as well as supporting other ideas to help the many refugees who are displaced by the ongoing conflicts.”

The readout of the call between Trump and Abu Dhabi Crown Prince Sheikh Muhammad bin Zayid Al Nuhayyan of the United Arab Emirates was less specific but shared the same sentiment. “The President also raised the idea of supporting safe zones for the refugees displaced by the conflict in the region, and the Crown Prince agreed to support this initiative,” the White House said.

As President Trump explained on Facebook last night, the Executive Order will help make America safe. And importantly, the more Middle East leaders who help with the refugee crisis, the safer the world will be:

These safe zones are a step toward Middle Eastern nations actually helping these refugees in a humane, reasonable way. Right now, they have flooded into Europe and America while draining social welfare systems. This is unacceptable, which is why it’s important to have a leader like President Trump who can negotiate alternative arrangements which not only keep America safe, but save taxpayers’ money.

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