The latest presidential approval numbers have rolled in and people have noticed something peculiar about them.

First off, President Trump is heading into the new year on a bit of a high note, seeing his approval rating rise 6 points in just under two weeks time.

It’s certainly not a perfect scenario, but Rasmussen Reports indicates that Trump’s approval rating has risen to 46 percent on December 28th, up from 40 percent on December 15th.

The President is still underwater, however, as 53 percent of the American people disapprove of his job performance based on the Rasmussen polls.

Bear in mind, as we all know, A) These polls are often wrong (see 2016 presidential election), and B) There are other things to factor in such as voters, likely voters, non-voters, etc. that lead to underestimating Trump’s approval ratings.

Still, there’s no denying that tax cuts, destroying ISIS, and a churning economy have Trump moving in the right direction. And using these same polls, one can see he is on par with another recent president during his first term …

That absolutely has to infuriate liberals. Not only is the President moving upward, while Obama had to drop to these levels, but he’s doing it with an absolute stacked deck.

The media, for example, fawned all over Obama during his entire time in office, but even more so during his first year. By contrast, a new report indicates the fake news has only provided 5 percent positive coverage of Trump, hitting him with three times more negative coverage than they did for his predecessor.

Not to mention the myriad of other ways they tried to take Trump down both before and after he was elected. Obama and Hillary did everything in their power to stop the Trump train, to no avail.

Now, despite all the negative coverage, and the collusion between Democrats, Russian dossier authors, and the FBI, the American people are starting to appreciate Trump too.

President Obama had everybody in the media and the political spectrum behind him, and he sat at 46 percent approval. Trump has everybody against him and gets the same number.

Well, everybody except those that actually count – the American voter.

Do you approve of the job Donald Trump has done so far? Share your thoughts below!

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