It’s no secret that President Donald J. Trump is a strong supporter of gun rights and the Second Amendment. Throughout the 2016 presidential campaign, Trump pledged to “totally” protect the Second Amendment and reverse Barack Obama’s gun control executive orders, as well as abolish gun-free zones, which the president called a “catastrophe.”

Since taking office three months ago, President Trump will reaffirm his commitment to the Second Amendment, becoming the first president since Ronald Reagan to speak at the National Rife Associations’ annual meeting.

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President Trump’s strong relationship with the NRA is well-known, and the gun rights organization formally endorsed him for president in 2016, urging Americans to “unite” around Trump, and vote against anti-gun Hillary Clinton.

From Breitbart:

Trump’s speech to the NRA will occur two months to the day after he signed a repeal of Barack Obama’s Social Security gun ban which would have allowed the Social Security Administration to strip beneficiaries of the Second Amendment rights without due process. The speech also comes nearly two months after his Interior Secretary, Ryan Zinke, ended an Obama-era ban against using lead ammunition on federal lands.

On April 13, 2017, Breitbart News reported that the Trump administration has been quietly rolling back other Obama-era gun controls behind the scenes. McClatchy reported that federal agencies have “narrowed the definition of ‘fugitive,’” thereby limiting the number of people prohibited from gun possession because they are included in a fugitive database. Trump “officials have also signaled that they may no longer defend the Army Corps of Engineers’ ban on carrying loaded firearms and ammunition on federal lands.”

For years, Democrats have tried to roll back the Second Amendment rights of the American public, exploiting mass shootings to push their political agenda. President Trump has pushed back against such temptations, and has reassured the country that he will protect and defend our rights.

Here’s Trump destroying Hillary Clinton on guns:

The president’s decision to speak at the NRA’s annual meetings should leave no doubt in the minds of the American people where Trump stands on the issue of guns in this country. While other presidents, besides Ronald Reagan, have skipped this annual event, Trump is committed to fulfilling his campaign promises.

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