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AP Reporter Asks Trump’s Doctor What His Life Expectancy Is

It seems pretty obvious that the only reason you would ask this question is if you’re hoping it’s a relatively short one.

AP reporter Jill Colvin was in attendance at the press briefing by White House physician, Dr. Ronny L. Jackson. Jackson gave the media the results from President Trump’s physical, which included a perfect score on a cognitive test designed to screen for neurological impairment.

Much to Colvin and the media’s dismay, Jackson said, “I’ve found no reason whatsoever to think the president has any issues whatsoever with his thought processes.”

When the results didn’t go their way, Colvin went low, asking about Trump’s life expectancy.

“Do you have a life expectancy based on your results?” Colvin asked.

Note the awkward smile on Jackson’s face as he fields the completely out-of-line question. Not to mention the quick shake of the head while others in the room laugh.

Colvin, meanwhile, has a grin on her face during the back and forth. Because the White House Press Pool is the place for juvenile games.

If you’re the Associated Press, is that the kind of reporter you want covering the White House? One who either thinks she’s making a joke about the President dying, or is actually hoping to find out that he is dying?

In fact, the Secret Service and Administration officials may want to look into whether or not Colvin should have her credentials revoked for this stunt.

Colvin also asked the White House official if he had found evidence of bone spurs, a clear shot at Trump’s medical reason for getting one of five military deferments during the Vietnam War.

The AP reporter took up the doctor’s time to ask two ridiculous questions designed to get a rise out of the far-left. That’s the media’s core audience right now.

Is this what we need covering the President – an SNL wannabe? Or should the White House press be reserved for actual respected journalists? Share your thoughts below!