Frustration is bubbling up, as President Trump unleashed on the recent court rulings against his travel ban, and most recently an order to withhold federal funding from so-called ‘sanctuary’ cities.

In early February, the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals became the first example of a shot being fired from activist judges, upholding a temporary suspension of Trump’s Executive Order restricting travel from countries with high levels of terrorist activity.

Then this week, a federal judge who was a major Obama donor blocked the President’s executive order cutting off federal funds for sanctuary cities.

Trump isn’t staying silent – he fired back at the liberal judges, warning “See you in the Supreme Court!”

Trump later added further explanation.

It’s much worse than that, however. It is clearly compromised judges with a political bias legislating from the bench, rather than interpreting the law.

In the case of the San Francisco judge, Judge William Orrick III, you have a bundler for Democrat presidential candidates, a donor to pro-Democrat organizations, and a man who vowed to recuse himself from immigration cases, battling to stop President Trump’s effort to stop illegal immigration.

That is unacceptable!

The President needs to follow through by battling this all the way to the Supreme Court. His choice of Neil Gorsuch should make rulings in these cases very interesting. Interesting, and hopefully, finally, just again.

Do you think Trump should bring theses cases to the Supreme Court? Share your thoughts below.