Trump Critic Jon Stewart Made Millions By Overinflating Value Of His Home: Report

Jon Stewart
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Comedian Jon Stewart was called out for benefitting handsomely by overinflating the value of his New York City penthouse.

Stewart reportedly sold the penthouse in 2014 for 829% more than its assessed market value.

The New York Post obtained assessor records showing a market value of just under $1.9 million for the property at the time.

Stewart though, managed to sell the duplex to financier Parag Pande for $17.5 million.

According to the Post, the “actual assessor valuation was even lower, at $847,174.”

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Jon Stewart’s House

Details of the sale of Jon Stewart’s penthouse have been known for some time. And anybody who cared could have easily obtained those assessor records since 2014.

But, what prompted the information to come to light was The Daily Show host’s recent insistence that Donald Trump’s civil fraud trial proved he left victims in his wake by overinflating the value of properties.

Stewart played a clip of Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary insisting the New York AG had gone after Trump using an archaic law despite the fact “there were no Victims, no Damages, no Complaints.”

Stewart though, insists otherwise.

“How is he (O’Leary) not this mad about overvaluations in the real world?” he said. Stewart even used the sale of a Trump penthouse in his example for gullible viewers.

“Because they are not victimless crimes,” he concludes.

Hypocrisy, party of one.

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Daily Show Host Fires Back

Without the aid of cut-and-paste video clips, which his show is known for (they present out-of-context clips as news, then say, ‘Hey, we’re just comedy,’ while fans actually get their current events information from them), Jon Stewart’s response to the report didn’t go well.

Stewart wrote on X with all the fervor of a disheveled AOC late to her latest therapy session. Roping in irrelevant other cases – hush money, insurrection! – to suggest he’s not nearly as bad as Trump.

“OMG!! I’ve been caught doing something not remotely similar to Trump! I guess all I need to do now is start a fraud college, steal classified docs, bankrupt casinos, pay hush money, grab pussies, discriminate in housing, cheat at golf and foment insurrection and you’ll revere me!” he said.

Just keep firing until something sticks, Jon.

This is a guy the left reveres as an intellectual. They also view him as funny. And yet, he’s giving off serious Rashida Tlaib ‘impeach the mother******’ vibes as a defense.

Obviously, the overinflation of values isn’t an apples-to-apples comparison. But Stewart showing he can’t reign in his emotions in his defense isn’t an exoneration either.

O’Leary said in his interview that the practice of trying to sell properties at higher prices is practically like breathing in the real estate business.

“That fact that he was found guilty, you might as well find guilty every real estate developer on Earth,” O’Leary told The New York Post. “I don’t understand where someone got hurt … What developer doesn’t ask for the highest price valued for any building they built?”

Certainly, Jon Stewart did just that.

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