Trump: Coronavirus Shows America Must Be ‘Independent in Every Sense of the Word’

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President Donald Trump just said that the coronavirus pandemic shows that America must be “independent in every sense of the word” and not beholden to anyone.

Trump: “We Will Be a Proud, Prosperous, Independent and Self-Reliant Nation”

Speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, President Trump said it was absolutely critical that America “should never be reliant on a foreign country for the means of our own survival,” and that the country has learned “a lot” from the coronavirus crisis.

This crisis has underscored just how critical it is to have strong borders and a robust manufacturing sector. For three years, we’ve embarked on a great national project to secure our immigration system and bring back our manufacturing jobs. We’ve brought back many jobs, record numbers of jobs, and this really shows, this experience shows how important borders are. Without borders, you don’t have a nation.

Trump added that the goal for America in the future should be to have “American medicine for American patients, American supplies for American hospitals, and American equipment for our great American heroes,” and move away from the globalist system of relying on other countries like China for crucial supplies that created so many problems during the coronavirus pandemic.

“Both parties must unite to ensure the United States is truly an independent nation in every sense of the word,” the President added, going on to say:

Energy independence, we’ve established that, something incredible we’ve established … manufacturing independence, economic independence, and territorial independence enforced by strong, sovereign borders. America will never be a supplicate nation. We will be a proud, prosperous, independent, and self-reliant nation. We will embrace commerce with all but we will be dependent on none. Above all, we know that the best thing for our economy and the world right now is a very, very powerful victory over the virus.

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Keep This Country Strong Mr President!

President Trump is absolutely right! The coronavirus crisis should cement in everyone’s minds just how dangerous it is to rely on foreign countries for things like critical medical supplies. Earlier this month, the White House announced an executive order was going to be drafted to kick China out of those critical supply chains, and now it looks like the president wishes to continue this across the board. Independence, strong borders, sovereignty are what keep a nation together during these turbulent times, which I am sure we will have more of in the future.

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