Trump Campaign Fighting Back: ‘Now It’s Time to Investigate Democrats’

The Trump campaign is turning the tables on the Russian collusion hoax, sending out a text message fundraising campaign that warns “Now It’s time to INVESTIGATE THEM!”

Following a report of special counsel Robert Mueller’s investigation which showed no evidence of collusion between Russia and members of Trump’s team, the campaign is taking advantage of the news by introducing a massive fundraising effort.

What they will use those funds for is piquing everybody’s interest.

The campaign promises a ‘quadruple match’ of donations and suggests they’ll be using monies to investigate those who perpetrated the collusion hoax.

A video ad seeks to have supporters register their cell phone numbers for future fundraising pushes.

The video includes images of five prominent Democrats – Sen. Richard Blumenthal, House Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff, Rep. Eric Swalwell, Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerrold Nadler, and Democratic National Committee Chairman Tom Perez – all of whom get the word ‘WRONG’ stamped across their face after clips play with claims that there was evidence of collusion.

As Reuters reported, they were indeed all wrong, stating: “Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian meddling in the 2016 election did not find that any U.S. or Trump campaign officials knowingly conspired with Russia.”

Time to Investigate

A follow-up email to supporters insinuated that the Democrats colluded with the media to push the hoax on the American people in an attempt to derail – or at least handcuff – Trump’s presidency.

“Democrats worked with the Fake News Media for 2 years orchestrating this Nasty Witch Hunt to use our government as a weapon to take away the votes of 63 MILLION Americans,” the email reads.

“You voted for REAL CHANGE in 2016, and they were TERRIFIED of the people taking the country back,” the fundraising email continues. “Now It’s time to INVESTIGATE THEM!”

Don’t Stop There

Sure, the five Democrats listed above went on friendly media airspace and lied to the American people over and over again. That, sadly, is to be expected.

There are so many other corrupt players that need to be investigated in this ordeal as well – those who illegally sought FISA warrants, rogue FBI agents who sought to implement insurance policies to stop Trump, and clearly partisan directors at agencies who orchestrated the entire affair.

And don’t forget to start at the top when ‘investigating them.’

Columnist Michael Goodwin, writing in the New York Post, explains why Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama should be part of that investigation.

“Was the initial decision to investigate Trump’s campaign an honest mistake by the Obama administration? Or was it an attempt to rig the election in favor of Clinton, and when that failed, overthrow a duly elected president?” Goodwin asks legitimately.

“Those outstanding issues are as worthy of complete answers as those that Mueller investigated.”

It’s most definitely time to investigate them – the Obama administration for investigating the hoax through specious legal means, the Democrats for repeating the story, and the media for pushing the story at the command of their comrades on the left.

Every one of these entities now has their reputations in tatters – rightly so – over this witch hunt. And they’ve only served to damage this nation because of it.

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