During Donald Trump’s campaign rally in Nevada on Sunday night, his supporters chanted “Lock him up!” after the President mentioned Barack Obama.

Trump’s mention of Obama included the line referring to the former president, that “by the way, got caught spying on my campaign.”

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Attorney General William Barr Believes Democrats Spied On Trump’s Campaign During The 2016 Election

“He got caught,” Trump said. “We have him cold, now let’s see what happens.”

Trump’s Obama comments sparked continuous chants of “Lock him up!” This was a throwback to the “Lock her up” chants that happened throughout Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign in reference to his rival and former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Trump’s Obama reference was to allegations that Democrats, particularly within the Obama and Hillary Clinton camps, illegally spied on Trump’s 2016 presidential campaign. Attorney General William Barr insists this happened.

“I think spying did occur” Barr told a U.S. Senate subcommittee in April 2019.

Trump: ‘If This Was Reversed, They Would Be In Jail For Two Years Already’

President Trump said on Sunday in Nevada that if he had done the same thing – if he had been caught spying on Hillary Clinton and the Democrats – he would have been prosecuted.

Trump added that he doesn’t believe Republicans are as effective as Democrats.

“They don’t fight to win,” Trump said. “They have better policy, but they don’t have that vicious streak.”

“If this was reversed, they would be in jail for two years already, and it would be a 50-year term for treason,” Trump added.

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The president was subjected to a nearly two-year long investigation by special prosecutor Robert Mueller over alleged collusion by then-candidate Trump and Russia to sway the election toward Republicans. Mueller’s findings came up severely short, to the apparently eternal disappointment of Democrats.

But President Trump has not been shy ever since about pointing out the alleged spying by Democrats on his 2016 campaign.