Trump Blasts Fox News: ‘I’m Not Happy With It’

President Donald Trump shared a few thoughts on the current direction of Fox News with reporters on Sunday, launching a blistering attack against the usually conservative-leaning outlet, claiming “something is going on” at the network and he’s “not happy with it.”

‘Fox is a Lot Different Than It Used to Be’

“Fox is a lot different than it used to be. I can tell you that,” Trump told reporters.

“Juan Williams, then they have the wonderful woman that gave Hillary Clinton the questions,” Trump said. “That was a terrible thing. And all of a sudden, she’s working for Fox. What’s she doing working for Fox?”

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‘I’m Not Happy With It’

The “wonderful woman” Trump is citing is Donna Brazile, the former head of the Democratic National Committee who is now a Fox News contributor. It was discovered during the 2016 election that Brazile, who was at CNN at the time, had shared presidential debate questions with Hillary Clinton in advance.

“Fox has changed, and my worst polls have always been from Fox,” Trump said. “There’s something going on at Fox. I’ll tell you right now. And I’m not happy with it.”

A poll released by Fox News Thursday showed that if the election were held today Trump would lose to every one of the top four leading Democratic candidates: Former Vice President Joe Biden, and Senators Bernie Sanders, Elizabeth Warren and Kamala Harris.


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“I think they’re making a big mistake because Fox was treated very badly by the Democrats,” Trump continued. “Very, very badly.”

“Having to do with the debates and other things. And I think Fox is making a big mistake because, you know, I’m the one that calls the shots on that — on the really big debates,” the president said. “I guess we’re probably planning on three of them. And I — well, I’m very — I’m not happy with Fox.”

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Trump Praises Some at Fox News

Trump did praise Fox news hosts Tucker Carlson, Sean Hannity, Laura Ingraham, Lou Dobbs, Jesse Watters, Jeanine Pirro and Greg Gutfeld.

Trump said of Gutfeld, “He wasn’t good to me two years ago. Now he sees all I’ve done. He says ‘would you rather have a great president or a nice guy?’ I think I’m a nice guy, but nobody’s done in two and a half years what I’ve done.”

Is Trump right that Fox News has gone in a different direction and is now working against the President?

Or did the recent Fox News poll which showed Donald Trump losing in 2020 something he should take more seriously instead of laying blame on the traditionally conservative news outlet?

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