“Tired of Smoke and Mirrors” Chris Kyle’s Widow Endorses THIS Man for President


Taya Kyle, widow of American Sniper Chris Kyle, has thrown her support behind a Republican candidate for President.

She said the country needs a “breath of fresh air” and that she’s “tired of the smoke and mirrors” offered by the current administration.

That breath of fresh air according to Taya, is Rick Perry.

Via Fox News Insider:

Taya Kyle endorsed Perry in a recent email, writing:

One of the greatest things my husband, Chris Kyle, ever did was move our family to Texas. […] I got to know Rick and Anita Perry outside of the public eye, where I’ve had an up-close view of their humility and commitment to doing the right thing for people regardless of who gets the credit. Believe me, they are a breath of fresh air in a political system full of people playing games and twisting the truth.

Kyle said that Perry and his family have shown her their character, describing them as good people who care about veterans and everyday Americans. Although Kyle said she’s not interested in politics, she said that Perry’s character is what made her want to speak out on his behalf.

“I’m tired of the smoke and mirrors, I’m tired of the high glossy prints and everything that people want you to see, I want to know from a leader who they really are as a person, and that’s why I’m here talking about [Perry],” she said.

If there’s anybody that can be the judge of what makes a great man, it’s the wife of an American hero like Chris Kyle.

There’s one other specific reason Kyle cites in an interview with Fox News’ Bill Hemmer — a reason not discussed all that often in today’s political landscape.

Kyle said that while Perry has never forced his religious views on anybody, she admires the fact that he is a good Christian man.

“I like somebody who feels like they answer to a higher power,” she said.

Watch Taya Kyle’s endorsement of former Texas Governor Rick Perry below …

Do you agree with Taya?

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