TikTok Boat Jumping Challenge Kills Four As Officials Sound The Alarm

Source: Screenshot TikTok Video Source: Screenshot TikTok Video

Officials are sounding the alarm about a deadly new TikTok boat jumping challenge that has already claimed the lives of four people.


Deadly TikTok Challenge

Daily Mail reported that this challenge involves participants jumping off the back of a boat into the wake behind it as the vessel continues to move. Officials in Alabama are saying that the challenge has already killed four people in the past six months, adding that the deceased instantly broke their necks in their “easily avoidable” deaths.

“Last six months we have had four drownings that were easily avoidable,” Captain Jim Dennis with the Childersburg Rescue Squad told WPDE. “They were doing a TikTok challenge. It’s where you get in a boat going at a high rate of speed, you jump off the side of the boat, don’t dive, you’re jumping off feet first and you just kinda lean into the water.”

“The four that we responded to when they jumped out of the boat, they literally broke their neck and, you know, basically an instant death,” he continued. “I think people, if they’re being filmed on camera, I think they’re more likely to do something stupid because they want to show off in front of their friends for social media.”

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Victims Of This Trend

Dennis went on to say that one of the deceased victims was a father whose wife and three children were on the boat along with other loved ones in an incident that occurred back in February.

“Unfortunately, she recorded his death,” Dennis said of the victim’s wife.

The most recent fatality from this challenge was a middle-aged man who died back in May.

Viral TikTok videos show just how dangerous this challenge really is. The video below is believed to have been filmed in Lake Norman, North Carolina, and it shows five people jumping and backflipping into the water behind a boat that is moving quickly.

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‘Almost Like Hitting Concrete’

Larry King is an avid boater on Logan Martin Lake in Alabama. When asked about the challenge, King replied, “I have not seen that up here, would not want to see it.”

As someone who grew up water skiing, King knows just how painful it is to hit the water while going at a high rate of speed.

“When you hit the water, it’s almost like hitting concrete at that speed. So, nothing good is going to come from hitting water at that speed,” said King.

Capt. Dennis is expressing fears that the challenge will only get more popular over the summer.

“That is a very big concern because we have seen this pattern emerge over the last two years and it’s sporadic, but it’s something that needs to go away and stay away,” he stated.

In the end, Dennis has a warning for anyone thinking about partaking in this challenge.

“Do not do it,” he said. “It’s not worth your life.”

These TikTok challenges have gotten way out of hand, and it’s oftentimes our children who end up paying the ultimate price for it. If you’re lucky enough to be boating this summer, please warn those around you about just how deadly this trend can be.

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