There was a time, when NeverTrump was a viable – albeit horribly wrongheaded – approach for Republicans who didn’t like Donald J. Trump. That time, of course, was before Trump received the party’s nomination in Cleveland in 2016.

The political calculus of the NeverTrumpers was that the party would never actually nominate Trump. Unfortunately for them, Republican voters decided that Trump was who they wanted to be their nominee.

NeverTrumpers Supported Third-Party Candidate

NeverTrumpers could have taken the off-ramp after Trump became the nominee. But, once again, they were so absolutely sure that Trump would never be elected President.

They continued on – going as far as to support a third-party candidate, Evan McMullin, who they hoped would help deny Trump the presidency.

Unfortunately for them, once again, voters decided that they wanted candidate Donald Trump to become President Donald Trump.

Their vaunted third-party spoiler candidate failed to appear on the ballot in 39 states. And, he garnered just one half of one percent of the votes on election day.

Over and over again, voters, in particular Republican voters, proved NeverTrumpers wrong.

It was the insubordination of the base, the revolt of the dirty unwashed masses that ended most NeverTrumpers power in the Republican Party.

They know who is responsible which is why NeverTrumpers don’t hate Trump, they hate YOU.

Beef With Republican Voters

This realization is exactly why the NeverTrump Republicans, like Jen Rubin, Bill Kristol, SE Cupp and company, have completely and totally abandoned support for any and every Republican and any and every conservative initiative.

Fundamentally, they recognize that their beef isn’t with Trump, their beef is with Republican voters.

Don’t get me wrong, they don’t like Trump. But, they realize that Trump didn’t simply execute a hostile takeover of the GOP, he led a grassroots revolt.

The Republican establishment treated its base like children for decades – believing that they knew what was best for them.

All the base had to do was go out every election and vote Republican and trust the establishment that globalism, unfettered free trade, open borders, endless wars and the Paul Ryan budget blueprint were all they needed.

The Trump Revolt

The Trump revolt was the revolt of the base of the party that had watched as every single establishment prescription for what ailed them actually just made them sicker and sicker.

Every once and a while, a NeverTrumper holds out hope that somehow all of the monkeys can be put back in their cages.

And, the Republican Party will once again be the party of Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan.

Indeed, at the beginning of June, George Will went on Joy Reid’s show on MSNBC to declare Trump will lose and that, “the next morning, a lot of Republicans will say, ‘Trump? I don’t recognize the name.’ They’ll get over this fairly fast.”

The truth is, however, most NeverTrumpers don’t share Will’s delusion.

They realize that there will never be a place for them in the Republican party again, which is why the grifters over at the Lincoln Project are choosing to attack Susan Collins – the most moderate member of the Senate GOP caucus.

The Only Choice Left

In the end, NeverTrumpers like SE Cupp know that their only hope to keep their media gig and to stay relevant is to become a zealous convert to the left.

No one is more zealous than converts. They are of course desperate to prove their loyalty to their new political ideology.

If you want to take a gander at what this looks like in real time, simply take a look at SE Cupp’s twitter timeline over the last few months.

Cupp’s following the same sad and desperate path staked out by Jen Rubin, who has literally abandoned every single previous political position she held to curry favor with the left.

Eventually Trump won’t be President. But, the Republican Party will always be the party of Donald Trump.

And, no one knows that better or with more certainty than NeverTrumpers.