The View’s Sunny Hostin Claims Trump ‘Manufactured’ False Narrative That BLM Protests Were Violent

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The View co-host Sunny Hostin said Monday that President Donald Trump’s campaign was “putting out” a false “narrative” they had “manufactured” that Black Lives Matter protests were violent.

Before making her Trump comments, Hostin referenced the two Los Angeles County deputies who were shot in an ambush Saturday night in Compton, California.

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Hostin Accuses Trump Of Creating Violence Narrative Regarding Protesters

“I want to say that there’s no place for people to go and shoot officers that are sitting in their cars,” Hostin said. “My heart goes out to their families and their friends. I was so horrified to hear about that. I have so many officers in my family, and that are friends of mine.”

Then Hostin set her sights on Team Trump.

“You know, my understanding is that according to a new Fox News poll, more voters classified BLM unrest as riots rather than protests,” she said. “And that is scary because it’s feeding into the narrative that the Trump campaign has been putting out there.”

“If you really look at the facts, 93%, 93% of protests are nonviolent, nonviolent,” Hostin claimed. “And, in fact, when Trump has put in force, has put in federal enforcement, out of those 93%, the violence ratchets up, right.”

’15 Million To 26 Million People In The United States Have Participated In Demonstrations’

In early July, The New York Times reported on polls that showed between 15 and 26 million people had participated in BLM protests.

Hostin said Monday on ABC,  “The recent Black Lives Matter protests peaked on June 6, when half a million people turned out in nearly 550 places across the United States. That was a single day in more than a month of protests that still continue to today.”

“Four recent polls — including one released this week by Civis Analytics, a data science firm that works with businesses and Democratic campaigns — suggest that about 15 million to 26 million people in the United States have participated in demonstrations over the death of George Floyd and others in recent weeks,” she continued.


Hostin added, “These figures would make the recent protests the largest movement in the country’s history, according to interviews with scholars and crowd-counting experts.”

So according to her own math claims, an estimated 7% of the protests being violent would mean a significant number of “protesters” also caused violence.

Hostin continued, “So more than 5% of the protests actually that are linked to the Black Lives Matter movement was met by force by authorities compared to 1% of other sorts of demonstrations like COVID protests or protests about being unhappy about not being able to, you know, go to the barbershop.”

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Hostin: Trump ‘Manufactured’ Portrayal Of Protests As Violent

“So this is manufactured by the Trump campaign,” Hostin said.

“I just wish that people understood that and knew that, and just looked up the real facts about protests in this country,” she finished.


7% of 15 million to 26 million people is still a lot of people causing wanton destruction and mayhem.

What is President Trump’s campaign making up or “manufacturing” exactly?

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