‘The View’ Hosts Gush Over Full-Frontal Nude Dating Show ‘Naked Attraction’

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Things got weird on the ABC talk show “The View” once again on Monday, when the co-hosts gushed over the new HBO dating show “Naked Attraction,” which features full-frontal nudity.

‘So Obsessed With This Show’

Daily Mail reported that the radically liberal co-host Sunny Hostin, who claims to be a devout Catholic, admitted that she is “obsessed” with the show, saying that she is particularly a fan of the “pretty penises.” Hostin confessed that she and her husband Manny binge-watched the show over the weekend on HBO Max.

“I have to admit, and I’m very embarrassed to admit, that Manny and I got so obsessed with this show that we binged it yesterday and we watched all eight episodes,” Hostin said. “And I learned things I have never heard of in my life.”

“‘Ohhhhh please, here goes the Catholic! The repressed Catholic!” co-host Ana Navarro replied.

“Have you heard of a Prince Albert piercing?” Hostin asked co-host Whoopi Goldberg, who responded, “Yeah.”

“I didn’t know about that! I didn’t know about that!” Hostin exclaimed, with Goldberg questioning, “Why would you?”

“I had no idea this show existed. I have been very busy watching the ‘Great British Baking Show,’ where the sexiest thing you see is pigs in a blanket!” Navarro stated. “So this seems even worse to me than Naked and Afraid, this is like naked and well lit!”

“Not naked and well hung?” Goldberg asked, with Hostin chiming back in to say, “There’s a lot of that going on too! There’s a lot of things…”

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‘Naked Attraction’

“Naked Attraction” premiered in the United Kingdom back in 2016, and it’s described as a game show that promises to “start where a good date often ends — naked,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Each episode features a single “chooser” who “critiques and eliminates six potential dates standing on a stage by scrutinizing their fully nude bodies, which are gradually revealed one part at a time (faces are revealed last). When only two potential dates remain, the chooser strips out of their own clothes too, giving the remaining two contestants the opportunity to critique them. The final couple then go out on a date, with their clothes on.”

Co-host Sara Haines was stunned by the show’s concept.

“I don’t feel confident naked, it might be my own body dysmorphic disorder, but I’m not go and give my most vulnerable self and say, “oh by the way, let’s just go and strip on out!” she said. “The other thing is, the human body, there are parts that are beautiful… a penis is not one of them and I would say the vagina is barely above that!”

Hostin, however, refused to back down.

“There were pretty penises in that show!” she said.

This prompted Goldberg to turn to executive producer Brian Teta and yell, “I just wanna say, you were worried about me?”

“Do yourselves a favor, it’s on Max! It’s eye-opening!” Hostin concluded.

Check out the full segment in the video below.

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‘New Low For HBO’

This comes after the Parents Television Council slammed HBO/Max for adding this show to its platform. 

“There is no doubt children will be able to easily access ‘Naked Attraction,’ the purpose of which is to shock and titillate the audience with uncensored and explicit nudity,” their statement read.

“And in a new low for HBO, the show fully exploits its own participants, somehow convincing them that their exploitation for the purpose of dating is right and good,” it continued. “HBO has now lifted its own veil, revealing that it is and always was a pornography channel.”

Would you ever consider watching a show like “Naked Attraction? Let us know in the comments section.

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