‘The View’ Guest Turns The Tables On Critical Race Theory-Supporting Hosts: Black People ‘Are Not Victims’

‘The View’ Guest Confronts Hosts On CRT, Victimizing Black People: ‘We Are Not Victims’

On Tuesday, “The View” guest co-host Lindsey Granger, a black woman, confronted the other hosts over their support for critical race theory (CRT).

Granger, a TV host on “Daily Blast Live,” argued that black people shouldn’t see themselves as victims, but rather focus on “black excellence.”

The hosts discussed the issue of reparations for slavery – particularly the latest news about Jamaica attempting to break off from the UK – along with teaching CRT.

Host Joy Behar insisted that white Americans don’t want to teach CRT because it would be admission of guilt for their country’s wrongdoings regarding racial injustice.

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Granger: ‘I want to see black people thrive. We are not victims. Ok?’

Behar said, “They haven’t even paid reparations to Native Americans in this country. It’s not going to happen so fast. I’m just saying, people don’t want to admit that they did something wrong, especially white people.”

“White people don’t want to take responsibility for what they did in this country,” Behar insisted.

Granger then jumped in to the conversation, saying that Americans should learn about “black excellence” and stop focusing on victimization.

Granger said, “It’s a whole different conversation about critical race theory. I don’t think it’s related, because if we talk about critical race theory … my whole conversation yesterday was about teaching about black excellence. I want to see that be the first issue on your agenda, on your agenda.”

“Because I want to see black people thrive,” she insisted. “We are not victims. Ok? Even though we have been victimized, we are not victims.”

“We are here to grow and there’s beauty in us and we’re winning out here,” Granger continued. “Black people are beautiful, so I want to see that more often.”

She added, “And I don’t want to constantly tell my six-month-old daughter that she’s a victim.”

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Hostin Accuses Granger Of Using Republican Talking Points

Behar continued to defend CRT with co-host Sunny Hostin appearing to agree.

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Granger said she had a problem with U.S. education emphasizing slavery and victimhood in how African-American history is taught. 

Hostin accused Granger of “parroting their talking points” for even believing that CRT is being taught in public schools. 



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