Texas Lawmaker Responds to Michelle Obama’s War on School Lunches – Grants Amnesty to Cupcakes

Sid Miller, Texas agriculture commissioner, took the fight to Michelle Obama’s national school lunch program which has prohibited schools across the nation from serving, or even selling sweets to raise money for the children.

Miller took an executive action of his own, granting amnesty to… cupcakes.

And pies. Brownies, cookies and other candies were also granted amnesty.

Via Fox News Insider:

A Texas lawmaker made his first act in office official last week when he granted amnesty to cupcakes at schools. Now local communities, not the state, will decide whether or not sweets can be served in classrooms and cafeterias.

“The Texas Department of Agriculture has abolished all rules and guidelines that would stop a parent from bringing cupcakes, cookies or snacks to school,” new Texas Commissioner of Agriculture Sid Miller said in a press conference.

“I’m announcing that I am giving full amnesty to the cupcakes in Texas. I’m also granting full pardon to pies and cookies and brownies and cakes and homemade candies.”

Watch Miller explain the policy on Fox & Friends…

Miller explained that Texas believes in “local control, individual responsibility and freedom from burdensome government regulation.”

He added flat-out that “Government intervention hasn’t worked.”

During last school year, a Georgia school superintendent ripped Michelle Obama, saying her policy of having to hire food police to monitor bake sales is “Asinine.”


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