Texas Governor Greg Abbott Announces He Will Send Illegal Immigrants to DC in Charter Buses

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has announced that he will be sending charter buses with illegal immigrants to Washington, D.C.

Texas Governor Greg Abbott has announced that he will be sending charter buses of illegal immigrants to Washington, D.C.

The move is a mostly symbolic jab at President Biden’s policies. which have allowed a record number of illegal border crossings in the past year and which are set to unleash a disastrous surge in the coming months.

“To help local officials – because communities are being overwhelmed by hordes of illegal immigrants who are being dropped off by the Biden Administration – Texas is providing charter buses for these illegal immigrants … to Washington, D.C.,” Abbott said Wednesday.

“We are sending them to the United States capital where the Biden administration will be able to more immediately address the needs of the people that they are allowing to come across our border,” he declared.

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Abbott Will Send Illegal Immigrants by Charter Bus

Governor Greg Abbott’s proposal echoes that of another Republican Governor, Ron DeSantis of Florida.

Earlier this year, attendees at the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) erupted into cheers when DeSantis announced a plan to send illegal immigrants to President Joe Biden’s home state of Delaware.

“Since I became governor, we banned sanctuary cities in the state of Florida,” he declared. “And we are in the process of getting money from the state legislature so that if Biden is dumping illegal aliens into Florida from the southern border, I’m rerouting them to Delaware.”

The line was clearly a crowd-pleaser.

Similarly, Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) pointed out on Twitter that Abbott’s proposal is an “excellent idea” but indicated he had filed legislation to send them to other Democrat-controlled areas throughout the United States.

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Flawed Plan

Guys, we get it. It’s a fantastic line to please those who think that if liberals support illegal immigrants so much, then why not ship them via charter bus to their cities and towns?

There’s only one major flaw with that plan – It still means the illegal immigrants will be rewarded with refuge here in the United States after breaking the laws of a sovereign nation.

Might I suggest a charter bus back over the border? Hell, it doesn’t even cost that much for a ticket on Greyhound. You might not even require a bus. Bill de Blasio was able to navigate back and forth across the U.S.-Mexico border on foot back in 2018 – illegally.

Abbott’s plan is so flawed it requires the migrants in question to hop on the charter buses only if they’re willing to go.

The governor’s site notes that “to board a bus or flight, a migrant must volunteer to be transported.”

White House press secretary Jen Psaki dismissed Abbott’s move as little more than a publicity stunt.

“I think it’s pretty clear this is a publicity stunt,” Psaki told reporters.

“His own office admits that a migrant would need to voluntarily be transported and that he can’t compel them to,” she continued. “Because again, enforcement of our country’s immigration laws lies with the federal government, not a state.”

When the federal government fails miserably at ‘enforcement,’ instead dabbling in enticement to cross the border illegally, then the states have to take action.

Two Republicans have introduced legislation to do just that, in fact.

Psaki recently confirmed that the Biden administration is handing out smartphones to illegal immigrants who cross the border as a means to ‘track’ them.

Other reports indicate the Biden administration is considering pulling medical resources from veterans to provide COVID vaccines to illegal immigrants.

Border agents and officials are reportedly concerned about a looming “disaster” of an influx of illegal immigrants once Title 42 is lifted by the Biden administration in May, suggesting the number of illegal immigrants crossing the border could surge to 170,000 per month.

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