The 2024 election is a long way off, but the battle for the heart, soul, and future of the Republican Party is already here. 

Donald Trump hinted that he may run again, and many candidates are taking up his ‘America First’ mantle. 

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The Possible Candidates: South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem

Kristi Noem is the current Governor of South Dakota, in her first term. Most would consider her a potential candidate for how she has handled the COVID crisis in South Dakota.

She did not shut down businesses and did not implement a mask mandate. She said that she focused on giving people the correct information and allowing them take personal responsibility.

As a Governor, she has executive governing experience to take to the White House.

The state tourism industry fared better in South Dakota than in other states. Noem’s star shined when President Trump held an epic speech on July 4, 2020 at Mount Rushmore.

She is pro-life and pro-Second Amendment.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis

Ron DeSantis is the current Governor of Florida, in his first term.

He would also be considered a possible presidential candidate also for his handling of COVID in Florida, a state with a large elderly population, which COVID has hit hardest. 

He has also kept Florida’s economy open. 

DeSantis supporters like that he takes on the media in a Trump-like fashion. 

He is a veteran of the Iraq War so he is very pro-military and law enforcement. 

Donald Trump, Jr.

Donald Trump Jr. is the Executive Vice president of the Trump Organization, and is very popular with supporters of his father.

His executive experience having run an organization as large as the Trump Organization would serve him well as head of the massive federal bureaucracy. He is a young man, so if he did not run in 2024 he has lots of time to run down the road. 

He is also pro-life and pro-Second Amendment, being an avid hunter.

He would bring to the table all of the fiscal and social stances on issues of this father.

Former VP Mike Pence

Many people saw Mike Pence as the opposite of Donald Trump personally, with this his calm, cool demeanor serving as a balance to Trump.

He comes with a lot of government experience so he knows how Washington D.C. works. He served 12 years in the House representing Indiana’s 6th district. He is a former Governor of Indiana prior to becoming Donald Trump’s Vice President.

Mike Pence is a strong conservative. He is pro-life and pro-second amendment.

He is pro-military, law enforcement, and would be a huge supporter of veterans. As Vice President he has also gotten international exposure and experience.

Kentucky Sen. Rand Paul

Rand Paul is a second-term Senator from Kentucky. His father was also a Congressman, Ron Paul of Texas. Paul is known for going rogue often. He really kind of leans libertarian, and is a big champion of small government.

He has long been a proponent of auditing the Federal Reserve and supports Trump’s America First foreign policy and the 45th President’s attempts to withdraw troops from the Middle East.

He is a supporter of low taxes and free trade. He is also pro-life and pro-Second Amendment. 

The 45th President, Donald J. Trump

The 45th President of the United States, Donald Trump’s record speaks for itself. Record low unemployment pre-pandemic, record low unemployment for virtually every demographic, putting America and American interests first, and renegotiating trade deals are among his accomplishments.

Trump took ‘America First’ seriously in the realm of foreign policy. 

Donald Trump spoke for many Americans who felt as though Washington did not hear or care about them. His supporters credit him for exposing just how much corruption goes on in Washington, and love that he takes on the media directly. 

He is a big supporter of veterans and overhauled the Veterans Administration. He is also a big supporter of law enforcement.

Even though this would be a second term, Donald Trump could still be able to run as an “outsider.”

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