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Manchin Trump
February 10, 2020
Joe Manchin the Democrat took the bait of Donald Trump by getting in a Twitter fight with him, which is just what the president wanted.
Manchin Trump
February 6, 2020
Joe Manchin is a political dead man walking after he voted to convict Donald Trump on impeachment charges. His days in the Senate are numbered.
February 3, 2020
The trial, the Iowa caucuses, the State of the Union address, and the trial verdicts will all make American history for President Donald Trump.
January 31, 2020
Democrats are finally starting to realize that they are about to lose in their precious impeachment trial for President Donald Trump.
January 11, 2020
House Speaker Nancy Pelosi may try a couple more tricks. But the die is cast and things are looking good when it comes to Donald Trump beating impeachment.