Why Are U.S. Officials Bragging About Acts of War Against Russia?

Many news watchers have been struck by the sudden change in tone coming from U.S. officials in relation to the…

2 months ago

A Reimagined Military: Pentagon Introduces New ‘Equity’ Plan

Last week the Pentagon rolled out its new 'Equity' plan designed to "equalize" outcomes for employees and military members across…

2 months ago

Defense Department To Spend $3.8 Million On Bird Care

By Adam Andrzejewski for RealClearPolicy The Pentagon is no stranger to wasteful spending, but its latest project spends up to…

3 months ago

Americans Trapped In Afghanistan: Pentagon And State Dept. Give Conflicting Numbers

The government can’t seem to get its story straight with respect to how many Americans are still in Afghanistan. As…

8 months ago

Durham Probes Pentagon Computer Contractors In Anti-Trump Conspiracy

By Paul Sperry for RealClearInvestigations Cybersecurity experts who held lucrative Pentagon and homeland security contracts and high-level security clearances are under…

9 months ago

When Asked About U.S. Drone Killing Aid Worker’s Family, Psaki Says Biden ‘Personally’ Has Had Loss

On Monday, White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki was asked about the recent U.S. drone strike that killed an aid…

9 months ago

Dem Senator Richard Blumenthal ‘Furious’ That Biden Admin Stranding Americans In Afghanistan

Democrat Senator Richard Blumenthal is "furious" with the Biden administration for reportedly delaying Americans and Afghan allies desperately trying to…

10 months ago

Woke Pentagon Is Harming America And Endangering National Security

General Milley, call your office.

10 months ago

Report: Biden Admin Deleted Reports Detailing Costs Of Weapons In Afghanistan On Multiple Federal Websites

A new report indicates multiple federal websites have deleted audits pertaining to the costs of military weapons provided to security…

10 months ago

Pentagon’s John Kirby Claims U.S. Military Equipment In Viral Video Is ‘Unusable’

Pentagon press secretary John Kirby tells CNN that military equipment shown in a viral video at a hangar at the…

10 months ago

Pentagon ‘Concerned’ About Americans Left In Afghanistan But Doesn’t Foresee Military Saving Them

Pentagon spokesman John Kirby said the Biden administration is "obviously concerned" about Americans left behind in Afghanistan, but did not…

10 months ago

Chris Wallace Defends Biden Administration Amidst Afghanistan Chaos

The Fox News host Chris Wallace spoke out over the weekend to defend the Joe Biden administration for their communications…

10 months ago