Biden’s Never-Ending COVID Emergency Crushing State Finances

By Kim Jarrett (The Center Square) Twenty-five governors signed a letter to President Joe Biden asking him to end the…

3 months ago

Reporter Questions Jean-Pierre on Why Biden Is Forcing Catholics Like Himself To Fund Abortions Through Executive Order

A reporter confronted White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre on President Biden's executive order using Medicaid to cover abortion-related costs…

8 months ago

Erroneous Payments In New York Medicaid Program Just Shy Of $1 Billion

By Steve Bittenbender (The Center Square) An audit released Tuesday by New York State Comptroller Thomas DiNapoli found that the…

11 months ago

Biden’s Build Back Better Act Steers Billions Of Medicaid Dollars To Labor Unions

By Maxford Nelsen for RealClearHealth Amid the fast-paced congressional talks over President Joe Biden’s budget-busting “Build Back Better Act” (BBBA),…

1 year ago

Rob Reiner Slams Newsom Challenger Larry Elder – ‘A Crazy Man’ Way To ‘The Right Of Donald Trump’

The radically liberal Hollywood actor and director Rob Reiner went on MSNBC on Friday to tell host Joy Reid that…

2 years ago

AOC Accuses Trump Of Using Coronavirus To ‘Push Tax Cuts And Corporate Bailouts’

Once again, Ocasio-Cortez has shown that it's her way or the highway, and she'll never be satisfied until Trump is…

3 years ago

Trump Targets Federal Budget For Serious Cuts

For the first time in modern history, a GOP president may be serious about spending cuts.

3 years ago

Ilhan Omar Blamed Trump For Death Of An Infant That Is Still Alive Before Correcting Herself

Mary Margaret Olohan on October 24, 2019 Democratic Minnesota Rep. Ilhan Omar blamed President Donald Trump for the death of an…

3 years ago

California Democrats Want to Give Medicaid to Illegal Immigrants

It's no secret that America's borders have not been secure for some time, causing many problems. It's also no secret…

4 years ago

New Study Reveals GRAVE Consequences of ObamaCare

As liberals tell us, over 20 million people were insured thanks to ObamaCare. When President Trump repealed ObamaCare's individual mandate…

5 years ago

How Hard Is It To Comply With The Kentucky Medicaid Work Requirements?

Jack Crowe - Political Reporter on Jan. 15 2018 Kentucky became the first state to implement work requirements for Medicaid…

5 years ago

Woman Fakes Cancer, Gets Taxpayers to Pay For Late Term Abortion

Chalice Renee Zeitner was arrested for committing Medicaid fraud in Arizona. She forged a doctor's note detailing that she had cancer…

8 years ago