Mark Esper

Trump Fires Back at ‘Lightweight’ Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper: ‘I Had to Run the Military Myself’

Donald Trump absolutely unloaded on his former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper over claims made in an upcoming memoir, referring…

1 week ago

Claim: Trump Secretly Wanted To Bomb Cartel Drug Labs In Mexico

Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper claims Donald Trump inquired on at least two occasions about secretly bombing illegal cartel…

2 weeks ago

General Mark Milley Defends Secret Calls To China In Grilling Before Congress

Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General Mark Milley defended making phone calls to China - in which he…

8 months ago

Report: Former Defense Secretary Mark Esper Ordered ‘Backchannel’ Message To China Indicating Trump Would Not Attack

Former Secretary of Defense Mark Esper reportedly ordered a "backchannel" message to reassure China the United States would not be…

8 months ago

Trump ‘Dominance Of The Streets’ Strategy Works, National Guard Pulling Out

The president took back the streets of America.

2 years ago