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Florida Governor Ron DeSantis has certainly made his share of mistakes while campaigning for President. Another may have cropped up in the form of his comments seemingly referring to Trump supporters as "listless vessels."
August 21, 2023
CNN has been called out on air for deceptively editing Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ comments about “listless vessels.”
August 13, 2020
Oregon police just sided with rioters and clashed with ICE agents after they arrested two violent criminals.
January 27, 2020
A Supreme Court order allows the Trump administration to implement a policy limiting green cards for immigrants overly reliant on the welfare system.
November 24, 2019
Ken Cuccinelli, the acting deputy secretary of the Department of Homeland Security, lauded the Trump administration’s Remain in Mexico program,
November 14, 2019
Ken Cuccinelli was promoted to the second-highest leadership position within the Department of Homeland Security
October 22, 2019
The White House told the Daily Caller News Foundation that both USCIS acting Director Ken Cuccinelli and CBP acting Commissioner Mark Morgan are ineligible.
October 14, 2019
A group of prominent conservative leaders have signed on to a letter strongly endorsing Ken Cuccinelli to be the next leader of the Department of Homeland Security.
September 27, 2019
Donald Trump is proposing to slash the refugee ceiling next year to its lowest level since the refugee resettlement program began nearly 40 years ago.
September 19, 2019
A top immigration chief wants the authority to disclose personal information about refugees and asylees who are under criminal prosecution
September 5, 2019
Officials in Montgomery County, Maryland blamed conservative media, the White House and a top immigration official Thursday for drawing attention to a recent spate of sexual assaults carried out by illegal aliens.
August 22, 2019
U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services Acting Director Ken Cuccinelli said former Speaker of the House Paul Ryan “submarined” a Republican immigration initiative.
August 12, 2019
The Trump administration announced a new “public charge” rule on Monday, which takes into account immigrants’ use of government benefits.