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how much are earmarks
August 16, 2023
Open the Books mapped $16 billion worth of earmarks across 7,509 projects in FY2023, and found rampant waste and abuse.
jim cooper brother earmark
January 11, 2023
Earmarks are back, with Congress’ recent spending bill containing over $16 billion in earmarks. This includes earmarks by Congressman Jim Cooper (D-Tenn.), that went directly to Metropolitan Government of Nashville and Davidson County, where his brother, John Cooper, is the mayor.  
earmarks omnibus bill
January 9, 2023
Congress’ $1.7 trillion omnibus spending bill to fund the government contains no less than $16 billion in earmarks.
earmarks spending bill
April 25, 2022
When Congress passed its $1.5 trillion spending bill, they were able to cram 5,000 earmarks totaling $9 billion into the final version.
Last week, 3,309 earmarks from 220 Democrats and 104 Republicans were proposed. Pork is back on the table. The total tab is $10 billion.
budget earmarks
Fox News is reporting that lawmakers on both sides of the political aisle are requesting nearly $6 billion in earmarks and pet projects in the upcoming federal budget.
Anders Hagstrom on May 23, 2019 Senate Republicans adopted a permanent ban on earmarks Thursday, signaling to Democrats the oft-criticized practice […]