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Biden executive orders cost
Michael Stokes, CC BY 2.0 <>, via Wikimedia Commons
October 12, 2022
President Joe Biden has issued 99 executive orders, outpacing both the Trump and Obama administrations, at a cost of nearly…
Republican Senator Barrasso Blasts Dems' 'Build Back Better' Act: ‘No Respect For Taxpayer Money’
November 12, 2021
Republican Wyoming Sen. John Barrasso slammed Biden Administration’s 'Build Back Better' agenda as the president inflation continue to surge.
Biden Administration Admits Americans Will Pay More To Heat Their Homes
November 12, 2021
Energy Secretary, Jennifer Granholm, recently said that Americans will end up paying more to heat their homes throughout the winter…
MSNBC Host Scoffs At White House Saying Monster Spending Bill Will Cost 'Zero'
October 20, 2021
MSNBC host Stephanie Ruhle scoffed at the White House claiming that the Democrats' massive spending bill won't come at any…
April 4, 2019
Andrew Kerr on April 4, 2019 The Chicago Department of Law said Thursday it will sue Jussie Smollett after it said…
March 19, 2019
Michael Bastasch on February 19, 2019 The Green New Deal could cost American families $244 billion just to replace four appliances.…