Mary Margaret Olohan on May 2, 2019

Students from a Planned Parenthood chapter at the University of Texas at San Antonio protested at a Students for Life symbolic cemetery for the unborn.

The incident occurred on April 9 as Students for Life commemorated aborted babies through a cemetery display, the pro-life nonprofit group revealed in a press release Wednesday. Students for Life set up pink crosses and talked to students about pro-life options as part of a spring Planned Parenthood Truth Tour throughout college campuses.

Young women who Students for Life claim are from the university’s Planned Parenthood chapter interrupted the memorial activity. The protesters strode through the assembled crosses, shouted, and waved signs in defiance. One girl momentarily covered the video being used to film the protest with her sign.

“Look, there’s mine right there,” one Planned Parenthood supporter shouted in the video, pointing at a cross and pretending an aborted baby lay beneath it. Another student shouted across the cemetery that she loves having sex and aborting babies. “My number one kink,” she can be heard saying in the video, as noted by Students For Life.

“I love advocating for abortion! My uterus loves advocating for abortion,” another girl shouted, waving her sign. “When I say Planned, you say Parenthood. When I say aborted, you say fetuses!”

“It’s a fetus graveyard!” another protester said.

“Some of the members came to talk to us, but would not have dialogue they just wanted to shout their points at us,” Sarah Zarr, Texas regional coordinator for Students for Life, said in a statement. “One girl told me I was using my white privilege and ‘wasn’t allowed to be out there talking about this issue when it affects black women.’”

Students also desecrated a Cemetery for the Innocents created by the University of Michigan-Ann Arbor’s Students for Life chapter in March, according to The Daily Wire.

Video footage reveals protesters attempting to take crosses from the cemetery until police officers arrive.

Planned Parenthood did not immediately respond to requests for comment from The Daily Caller News Foundation.

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