George Soros has contributed millions in dollars to a number of attack ads that have gone after the President for his response to the coronavirus outbreak.

Millions in Ads Attacking the President

The Democratic Party’s largest PAC, Priorities USA Action, is set to spend $6 million on attack ads this week that will be broadcast in Florida, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. The ads will criticize President Trump’s response to the coronavirus; funnily enough, most of the funding comes directly from the “Democracy PAC,” operated by Soros. The donation of $3 million from the Democracy PAC to Priorities USA Action made up 77% of the $3.9 million they reported last month, according to recent filings.

It’s not just them going after the President – PACRONYM announced last Tuesday that it is set to spend $5 million attacking the President and his response to the coronavirus, and American Bridge has also criticised the President.

“Our job is to hold Donald Trump accountable, and we have no plans to let up, particularly with a focus on economic issues as we’ve done to date,” Bradley Beychok, the president of American Bridge, said. “But as this crisis unfolds and the country experiences the consequences of his incompetence, we’re not going to give him a pass for bungling the government’s response to this pandemic.”

It should come as no surprise that PACRONYM received $250,000 in donations from Soros, and that David Brock, the founder of American Bridge has very close ties to the Democracy Alliance, a secret club of millionaires and billionaires that Soros co-founded.

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Soros Needs to be Stopped

Why is it that almost every single time you see millions of dollars in money being funnelled to Democrats and leftist organizations, it turns out to be Soros behind it? Soros has had his hands deep in leftist causes for decades now, donating billions and billions over the years to anything and anyone that opposes the nation state, the family, or God, so it’s no surprise he’s boosting those criticising the President’s response to the coronavirus.

His own country of Hungary has labelled him as an enemy of the state for his work in the European migrant crisis. The mainstream media, however, labels anyone who dares criticize him, or highlight these clear links, as some kind of mad conspiracy theorist, because they’re all part of the same liberal, globalist elite that love what Soros is doing.

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In a sensible country, the man would be investigated for his behind the scenes dealings – in my opinion, he’s done far worse than the Bidens or the Clintons have ever been accused of. His influence needs to be cut out of every Western country, and fast!