Socialist AOC Invests $1.4 Million In ‘Tax The Rich’ Merchandise

Socialist AOC Uses Capitalism To Expand Her Brand: Invests $1.4 Million In ‘Tax The Rich’ Merchandise

Democratic Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is sinking a lot of money into leftwing political merchandise that is available at her online store. 

Reuters reported this story on Monday with a piece titled, “Branding the U.S. left: AOC makes a push into political merchandise.”

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‘She Is Honing An Already Formidable Fundraising Operation And Building Her Brand’

Items included in the self-described socialist’s store feature slogans such as “AOC,” “Tax the Rich,” and “Drink water & don’t be racist.”

Reuters reported that Ocasio-Cortez’ campaign paid political merchandise firm Financial Innovations over $1.4 million, according to Federal Election Commission data.

“In addition to raising a candidate’s profile — and standing as a badge of identity in an increasingly polarized nation — political merchandise is a small but significant fundraising tool,” Reuters noted.

The outlet continued, “Ocasio-Cortez’ push into merchandise shows she is honing an already formidable fundraising operation and building her brand within the Democratic Party.”

“It’s a sign she is nurturing her massive influence,” said Andrew Frawley, who was Andrew Yang’s 2020 presidential campaign merchandise director. 

Here is the kicker: Reuters notes, “Merchandise sales count as campaign contributions but it’s not clear how much T-shirts and hoodies are bringing to Ocasio-Cortez’ coffers. Campaign disclosures rarely specify whether a donation involved merchandise.”

But also, “Frawley said the Ocasio-Cortez campaign could be making a 50% profit or more on much of its sales.”

AOC Goes Capitalist!

Profit? As in capitalism? Markets? Supply and demand?

All the things principled socialists are supposed to stand against?

If enough people are buying this merchandise, apparently they don’t see the irony in doing so.

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Some See Branding Attempts As Signs Ocasio-Cortez Will Seek Higher Office

Ocasio-Cortez certainly has the platforms to promote her wares, with over 8 million followers on Instagram, and 12 million on her personal Twitter account.

The story notes that her congressional campaign has raised an eye-popping $6.9 million since the November election.

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Political Scientist Erika Franklin Fowler told Reuters, “One would assume that she does have ambitions for higher office. Having a big bank account is certainly useful for that.”

Reuters notes that AOC’s $1.4 million in merchandise spending is more than some candidates spend on their entire election campaigns.

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