SHOCK: Student Legislative Council at This University Tries to Ban the American Flag!


On March 5, 2015, the Associated Students of University of California, Irvine (ASUCI) Legislative Council voted 6-4-2 to ban the American flag from the student lobby.

Titled “Flags and decoration adjustment for inclusivity,” the resolution is simply nauseating anti-American liberal propaganda.

Here are some of the most ridiculous lines, with my commentary:

“Whereas flags construct paradigms of conformity and sets homogenized standards for others to obtain which in this country typically are idolized as freedom, equality, and democracy.”

“Idolizing” freedom, equality, and democracy?! As if it’s a bad thing?!

“Whereas the American flag has been flown in instances of colonialism and imperialism.”

You know when else the American flag has been flown? In instances of ending slavery and Nazism!

“Whereas designing a culturally inclusive space aims to remove barriers that create undue effort and separation by planning and designing spaces that enable everyone to participate equally and confidently.”

What exactly is this “undue effort” and how are people not able to “participate equally” because there are flags in the room? Are the flags made out of Kryptonite?

“Whereas it is a psychological effect for individuals to identify negative aspects of a space rather than positive ones.”

If one has a negative psychological reaction to the American flag, what is their reaction to LIVING in the country the flag represents??

“Whereas the planning process must be inclusive in such that designers are advised to forget about the ‘average’ user or themselves and instead begin the open space designing process with ‘deep knowledge’ of the preferences of the actual communities who are likely to use those spaces”

So “average” Americans and people who love this country are NOT the actual communities likely to use the building? What exactly are the “preferences” of these other communities that do? They prefer not to be reminded of where they are residing?

“Whereas freedom of speech is a valued right that ASUCI supports.”

Ok, that’s good, we’re getting somewhere.

“Whereas freedom of speech, in a space that aims to be as inclusive as possible can be interpreted as hate speech.”

Annnnnd we’re off the rails again. Freedom of speech is hate speech?? Yes, the right to freedom of speech does include hate speech. Whatever happened to “I disapprove of what you say, but I will defend to the death your right to say it.” I guess that’s not inclusive enough.

“Let it be resolved that ASUCI make every effort to make the Associated Students main lobby space as inclusive as possible.”

So apparently freedom of speech is not so much a “valued right that ASUCI supports,” inclusivity is. Some rights are more equal than others…

H/T Campus Reform

But, before you despair TOO much over the state of education in America, there is good news!

Just two days later, on March 7th, after massive outcry on campus and across the country, the ASUCI Executive Committee vetoed the resolution and strongly condemned it:

We fundamentally disagree with the actions taken by ASUCI Legislative Council and their passage of R50-70 as counter to the ideals that allow us to operate as an autonomous student government organization with the freedoms of speech and expression associated with it. It is these very symbols that represent our constitutional rights that have allowed for our representative creation and our ability to openly debate all ranges of issues and pay tribute to how those liberties were attained.

As students in an academic institution we encourage all students on campus to participate in open debate about a wide array of issues and to actively engage in academic curiosity, which lies at the backbone of a preeminent academic research institution. It is this freedom to be able to navigate and explore topics on a wide range of issues that we see at risk if we begin to engage in a particular form of regulation of free speech and its expression through symbols in any space associated with our organization.

After so many instances of schools voting to divest from America, banning the ROTC, and kicking out controversial speakers, it is nice to see one example of student sanity and recognition of American values. There is hope for the future!

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