Sheriff David Clarke: I Would Have Defied Mayor’s Orders and Confronted Rioters


Milwaukee County Sheriff David Clarke is back at it again, providing a voice of reason that is sorely needed amongst the chaos on the streets of Baltimore.

Clarke said that “he reports to the people” and as such, would have defied an order from the mayor of Baltimore to stand down against violent protesters.

He told Fox’s Bill O’Reilly that he would have “Defied the order, sent my officers out there, (and) made sure they had the proper resources.”

Check out Sheriff Clarke’s comments below…

Clarke says if he were in charge, Baltimore would have never gotten so completely out of control.

He ripped the Baltimore mayor stating that he finds it “unconscionable to send men and women out into harm’s way, with no way to be able to defend themselves.”

Clarke said he would have put his own job and career on the line to protect his own men, as well as the businesses and business owners who were victims of the violence.

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