(VIDEO) Senator Dianne Feinstein Appears to Be Unaware She Was Absent for Three Months

Diane Feinstein

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Things just keep getting more uncomfortable the more information comes out regarding 89-year-old California Senator Dianne Feinstein’s declining physical and cognitive help. A recent interview seems to double down on the fact that Feinstein is simply no longer fit to continue to serve in the U.S. Senate.

During a recent discussion with reporter regarding her return to the office after being gone for ten weeks, things got heated as Feinstein scolded the reporter who dare mentioned her nearly three month absence.

Watch the interaction below:

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Not a Great Look

Los Angeles Times reporter Benjamin Oreskes asked Feinstein the other day how she was doing after her recent fight with shingles, as well as how things have been since she returned to work and began voting again.

“Aren’t you an eager one?” Feinstein said as she was being pushed in a wheelchair to her next appointment. From there, when the reporter continued to ask her questions about whether her return had been greeted warmly by colleagues, things went south really fast.

“What have I heard about what?” asked the Senator.

“About your return,” clarified Oreskes.

“I haven’t been gone. You should… I haven’t been gone. I’ve been working,” stated Feinstein.

Oreskes asked if she meant she had been working from home from instead of physically being at the Senate, but Feinstein doubled down and insisted she wasn’t gone – at all.

“You’ve been working from home is what you’re saying?” He asked.

“No, I’ve been here. I’ve been voting, Please, either know or don’t know,” Feinstein shot back at the reporter, thus ending their short interview.

It’s unclear, but Feinstein appears to be completely unaware that she was absent for months.

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Party of the Ancient and Absent Minded

A faction of elected Democrats have stated that Feinstein, who has recently announced that she will not be seeking re-election, should step down and allow a younger, fitter replacement to serve out the rest of her current term, but Feinstein just isn’t having that, having already adopted a lighter schedule so that she can perform her minimum duties but still serve.

As the oldest member of the Senate, concerns over her ability to carry out her duties only amplified when she went home to California to battle shingles, especially since she sits on the Senate Judiciary Committee and was needed by Democrats to prevent a potential tie-breaking that could get in the way of President Joe Biden’s judicial nominees.

Strangely, Democrats have been almost completely silent when it comes to the condition of another Democrat Senator in obvious need to full-time care, Pennsylvania freshman Senator John Fetterman, who after suffering from a dangerous stroke last year spent a chunk of his first term at Walter Reed Medical Center citing depression as the major factor, as well as issues with his hearing.

Fetterman’s condition was on full display recently, when he was unable to read coherently from a sheet of paper. No elected Democrats or party figures have posed the question as to where Fetterman, unlike Feinstein, should be forced to step down so someone physically capable can assume the role.

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