Sen. Tom Cotton: Red Wave Happened ‘Because Of Donald Trump’

On Wednesday. Sen. Tom Cotton attributed the Republican victories in the House, Senate, and state legislatures all to President Donald Trump.

Many pollsters and outlets had predicted a “blue wave,” while instead, Republicans made historic gains.

“We had smashing victories in the Senate,” Cotton told SiriusXM host Alex Marlow. “It was predicted by the media and the Democrats we would lose control of the Senate, perhaps in a landslide.”

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Sen. Cotton Describes Scope Of GOP Victories

“In the House, Kevin McCarthy and House Republicans [were predicted] to lose 10 or 20 seats. They ended up gaining about 15 seats,” Cotton noted. “It’s going to be the narrowest majority of modern times.”

The Arkansas Republican then addressed the GOP’s state legislature pickups.

“Then you look at the state legislatures like in Arkansas,” Cotton continued.

“I didn’t think it was possible, but we became even more Republican in Arkansas. We beat two Democratic state senators. We’ve flipped a handful of state legislative chambers.”

The GOP senator mocked Democrats failed efforts.

“The Democrats — after four years of Eric Holder wasting millions of Democratic donors’ money to try to flip legislatures to gerrymander the House — did not pick up a single legislative chamber.” Cotton noted.

Cotton: Victories Thanks To Donald Trump

“We had all these victories not in spite of Donald Trump, but because of Donald Trump,” Cotton insisted.

Cotton then set the record straight on how Trump was a major positive for down ballot Republicans in 2020.

“Anyone who suggests that we won the Senate or we won some House seats or we picked up the state legislatures in spite of Donald Trump simply does not understand the kind of movement that he has brought into the Republican Party over the last four years,” Cotton observed.

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Democrats Spent Record Amounts In 2020

Democrats spent $230 million in direct political campaigning in key 2020 Senate races won by Republicans, with incumbent GOP Senator Lindsey Graham holding on to his seat against a formidable and well-funded Democrat challenger being among the most notable.

A reporter for the New York Times suggested that, overall, the left-wing raised almost $5 billion in 2020.

Despite the left narrative assuming the opposite, Trump was a benefit to Graham and many others, as Cotton also noted.

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