Scott Walker Dubs Hillary Clinton The Best Candidate for THIS Position – HA!

During an interview with Megyn Kelly, Wisconsin governor Scott Walker blasted Hillary Clinton saying that everything she “has touched is worse off today than it was before.”

He added that Clinton’s history of lying, whether it be over e-mails, Benghazi, or otherwise, shows she would not make a trustworthy commander-in-chief.

“She’d be a pretty good deceiver-in-chief,” Walker opined.

Watch the segment below …

Walker appeared with Megyn Kelly to discuss his rising poll numbers, which now rank him third behind Donald Trump and Jeb Bush.

He also happens to leads the field in the category of ‘which GOP contender would you “never” vote for,’ and is the second choice amongst Tea Party voters in recent polling.

Meanwhile, the ‘deceiver-in-chief’ has been plummeting in the polls, despite still holding an edge with Democrat voters.

Via Fox News:

Switching to the Democratic side, Clinton is still the favorite among self-identified Democratic primary voters.  She receives 51 percent while Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders comes in at 22 percent.  Yet that is Clinton’s worst showing — and Sanders’ best.  Support for Clinton was 59 percent two weeks ago, 61 percent a month ago — and has been as high as 63 percent in the months since Sanders entered the race.  Vice President Joe Biden, who is said to be considering a run, sits at 13 percent support.

Perhaps the perpetual series of lies – from Benghazi, to being dead broke, to using one cell phone out of convenience – are finally catching up to Clinton.  Only time will tell.

Comment – Do you feel Hillary Clinton’s lies are finally catching up to her?  What do you think of Scott Walker’s presidential chances?

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