School Removes Student’s American Flag From Truck … You’ll Love What Happens Next



Peyton Robinson, a senior at York Comprehensive High School in South Carolina, was told earlier this week that he could no longer fly the American flag in the back of his pickup truck following a complaint by somebody who found it offensive.

Robinson claims that school officials took action before he could and removed the flags (American and POW/MIA) themselves.

The student returned to the school the following day, this time with a group of flag-waving veterans and protesters.

Lo and behold, in the face of a squadron of angry veterans, the school tucked its tail firmly between their legs and retreated on their anti-flag decision.

Via the Daily Caller:

Protesters lined the street in front of a South Carolina school Thursday morning after administrators had forced a student at the school to remove an American flag from his truck the previous day.

According to local TV station WBTW, many of Robinson’s friends, neighbors and local veterans set up across the street from the school and began waving flags in protest of the school’s actions.

Feeling the pressure from the protesters, school officials caved and said Robinson could keep the flags on his truck as long as they didn’t present any driving hazards.

The school issued a statement saying the protesters had engaged in an “outstanding display of patriotism” and added that their rules regarding flags on vehicles will include “an exception … for the American flag.”

Patriotic flag-loving Veterans – 1

Liberal, zero tolerance policy loving school officials – 0.

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